CRST Power Strip with Individual Switches and Flat Plug
CRST Power Strip with Individual Switches and Flat Plug

1-switch CRST power supply panel and tab connector, 6 rugged environmentally shielded CRST connectors (1200 Joules), 6 feet of 14AWG cable with lock and hook, 15 amp circuit breaker

 Strong overcurrent protection CRST 6 2USB socket

With one switch, two USB 3.4 A ports, flat plug, hook and zipper

The CRST 2020 new surge protector is suitable for homes, offices, garages, schools, shops, studios, workshops, factories, etc.

Independent control switch

It has 6 connections, each socket has a separate ON / OFF switch and two USB connections (total 5V / 3.4A), which can also be controlled via one switch.

Heavy metal shell

The metal frame made of aluminum with a thickness of 1 mm and the reinforced plastic cover make it very sturdy and durable.

Installation opening

Two keyholes at the back allow it to be placed on a table or workbench for easy access to the connection.

Velcro fastener with zipper

It comes with high quality coils so you can organize your cables and keep them tidy.

Flat corner connector

The flat plug is 45 degrees at right angles so that other sockets can share the plugs. This is very suitable for narrow spaces, for example. B - behind the furniture

Do more for our country

Heavy metal shell continues to extend its service life. Aluminum alloy materials are very easy to recycle and reuse, saving resources. Independently controlled switches can reduce unnecessary energy wastage.

CRST Power Strip with Individual Switches and Flat Plug
CRST Power Strip with Individual Switches and Flat Plug

  •     [One Key] With 6 connectors with independent light switches, you can flexibly and independently turn off the device, thus saving energy and money.
  •     [EXTREMELY HEAVY] The extra-thick 0.1cm housing is made of aluminum alloy and the reinforced engineering plastic cover makes it very strong and durable.
  •     [Full protection] The 1200 J protection function can protect your electronic devices from damage caused by sudden power surges, power surges, or power outages. The circuit breaker is equipped with a capacity of 15 amps, which can instantly respond to catastrophic events and overloads, providing maximum protection. UL Certified 14AWG Extension Cable with 3-Wire Grounding Plug provides more comprehensive safety protection.
  •     [Humanized Design] 6 feet long cord with velcro lock, independent control switch, 45 degree flat connector, hole hold bracket, and contrast connector. All these features improve the user experience in detail and bring you more.
  •     [Environmental protection and 18 months warranty] The aluminum can is easy to recycle, and the independently controlled buttons make it an environmentally friendly product. Get a free 18-month warranty, $ 3,000,000 product liability insurance, and friendly customer service.

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