One Beat Power Strip with 3 Outlet 3 USB Ports
One Beat Power Strip with 3 Outlet 3 USB Ports

One Beat Power Strip with USB-3 (3.1A) USB ports, flat plug, 5ft extension cable, cube shaped desktop charging station for desktops, dorms, homes and offices.

 Expanded export

Equipped with 3 power outlets and 3 high-speed USB charging ports. Charge everything from the main device to the phone.

Smart IC technology

Built-in smart charging technology can detect the connected device and adjust the output voltage for the best charging speed.

Three-sided design

The unique three-sided distributor is suitable for large transformers and does not block other components.

Global security

The thick braided power cord is used with flame retardant jacket for extra safety.

Portable size

The size of a tennis ball so you can reach where you need the strength without a hitch.

One Beat Power Strip with 3 Outlet 3 USB Ports
One Beat Power Strip with 3 Outlet 3 USB Ports

  •  (Anyone Can Use It - Standard with 3 AC plugs (1625W / 13A) and 3 USB ports (5V / 3.1A total) can power up to 6 devices simultaneously. You can charge cell phones, flashlights, laptops, and other devices together. For offices, homes, bedside tables, and hotels, this is a great bar for office energy
  • [HIGH SPEED CHARGING] - Compact power board with 3 USB charging ports provides a total output of 5V and 2.4A The built-in smart charging technology can automatically identify the device and optimize the power assigned to the phone. You can use the power strip to charge cell phones, tablets, and power banks
  • [Unique Three-Sided Design and Compact Travel Size] - The three-sided design is suitable for charging large adapters without blocking, saving space and keeping your desk tidy. The compact size saves the most space in your suitcases and is easy to set up and carry. The surge-free protection design can also be adopted for cruise ships
  • Upgrade power cord and 5-foot extension cord for flat, high-capacity, right-angle (13A) sockets. It is thicker, safer, has less waste and generates less heat. The woven design makes it tangle-free, flexible, elegant and durable. The flat right angle design prevents the floor from clogging
  • [Multiple Safety Protection - Our board has passed FCC and ROH certification, high quality components, 1382 ℉ flame retardant. The board can prevent your electrical appliances from being exposed to current / overload / short circuit / overheating. (One hit can be fearless for 12 months. 24 hour customer service.)

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