dodocool 4 USB Ports Power Strip with 12 AC Outlets
dodocool 4 USB Ports Power Strip with 12 AC Outlets

With 12 3250W AC outlets, 4 USB 1050J ports and 9.8 feet Dodocool lightning shield, suitable for iPhone tablets and home office power board charging stations

 Dodocool Table Tower with USB

This USB power supply board can expand the socket to 16 without taking up much space. It can accommodate up to 12 electrical devices and 4 USB devices such as computers, computers, laptops, phones and tablets. The TV, printer and camera perfectly meet your daily electricity needs.

The spacing of the sockets is 1.97 inches and the tower design provides ample space for AC outlets. You can use full-sized plugs or larger outlets without blocking other AC outlets.

With a button at the top, all connected devices can be easily turned on or off, saving connection and disconnecting! If you use high quality material, the button can be used about 10,000 times. If you press the button four times a day, it will only damage it after 6 years.

9.8ft 16AWG pure copper wire, which means the power supply board has high conductivity, higher efficiency, less heat, and higher safety.

4 USB charging ports, each USB charging port provides a maximum current of 5V 2.4A for standard USB devices and can charge 2 mobile phones, iPad, MP3, digital camera and tablet device at the same time.

If the 12-port distribution board is overloaded, it will automatically shut down to avoid damaging expensive appliances. After that, all you have to do is reset it, unplug and plug it back in, and the power board will resume working immediately!

The internal overvoltage protection 1050J is developed in this power tower. When surge protector occurs (thunder and lightning), it turns off automatically so you don't have to worry about accidental lightning strikes damaging the device.

  •  [One of the universal] surge protection tower is designed for 110V-250V. 12 power outlets (1625W), 4 USB-A ports (5V / 5A total, 3.1A / port max). Power Tower can operate 16 kinds of electronic devices simultaneously such as computers, computers, laptops and phones, the # 1 tablets must wait for the delivery of computers, televisions, printers, cameras, etc.!
  • [Vertical design, space saving, column design provides more space and comfortable angle, and all electronic and electrical appliances can be easily connected. The surge protection power plate tower can supply wall outlet current at 13 without taking up much space. The perfect energy card keeps your desk tidy. No more messy power cords!
  • [Protect your electronic devices] The surge protection board is made of flame retardant materials with overload protection and circuit protection to prevent devices overloaded. After overload protection, the power supply turns off automatically. Surge protection to protect your devices and your family. No need to worry about electrical safety!
  • (9.8 feet extension cable 3 meters / 9.8 feet extension cable power surge plate protector can keep your equipment close at hand. Don't worry about the short power cord anymore!
  • [Built-in smart USB port Our keyboard tower adopts Smart IC technology to detect connected devices and automatically adjust charging speed to ensure electrical devices are charged at the fastest speed in the most secure conditions. Don't worry about safe shipping!

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