JACKYLED Portable Multi-Plug Power Strip
JACKYLED Portable Multi-Plug Power Strip

JACKYLED Portable 5 Feet Extension Cable with Multiple Connectors and Extension Jack with 3 USB and 3 Wide AC Connectors, suitable for home, office, hotel, sleep, cruise ship, shopping cart, travel, black

 3 smart USB charging ports

Lightweight and Compact: The compact structure makes it easy to install in tight spaces and is very suitable for home, office and other occasions. Lightweight design, easy to use and practical, it is very easy to put in suitcases, suitcases, suitcases, and luggage. It is very suitable for travel or business trips.
No surge protection - ideal for cruise ships

Designed without surge protection, it is definitely an accessory for cruise ships.

Non-slip footbed

Non-slip feet make the desktop charging station more stable.

Non-slip feet

The small non-slip rubber cushion on the underside makes it difficult to slide for better support for the desk.


Use the master switch to easily control all ports and USB ports and avoid endless connection problems and disconnection.

Wall mounting hole

The hanging holes make the power supply board suitable for hanging on a wall or table. Hinge nails are not included in the scope of delivery.

JACKYLED Portable Multi-Plug Power Strip
JACKYLED Portable Multi-Plug Power Strip

  •     ▶ (6 IN 1 MULTI-FUNCTIONAL POWER STRAP: This USB Desktop Port Extender has 3 AC power outlets and 3 USB ports each can be used for six electronic devices (such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, display lamps). C) Provide enough heaters, humidifiers, electric blankets and many other electrical appliances.
  •     ▶ [3 Sockets FREE]: This socket bar extension cable can expand 1 socket to 3 socket adapters. If you have more space, you can connect tablet, computer and TV at the same time.
  •     PERFECT FOR TRAVEL AND WORK: This compact power board features a 5-foot cable and is ideal for 63-pound cruises, cruises and business trips. It is also a good helper for families, hotels, offices and homes.
  •     ▶ [Safe and reliable power source]: Including overload / overvoltage / overcurrent / overheat / short circuit protection and 1382 high temperature protection. The integrated socket extension provides you a safe and stable charging environment. When the charging power exceeds 1250W, the red reset button will turn off automatically to protect your equipment and equipment.
  •     ▶ [Universal USB Power Supply Board: With 3 USB smart IC ports, the USB power supply board can provide perfect power to the connected devices. Each port has a maximum of 2.4A (3.1 total). L The charging efficiency is higher, which saves time to charge cell phones, Kindle devices, bluetooth speakers, Kindle, desktop fans, cameras, etc.

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