Mifaso 6 Outlets 3 USB Charging Ports Power Strip
Mifaso 6 Outlets 3 USB Charging Ports Power Strip

Mifaso Power Supply Board with 6 USB Sockets, 3 USB Charging Cables, 5 Feet Fixed Cable, Flat Wall Mount for Overload Protection, Built-in Charging Station for Home, Office and Sleep

 Power distribution board with 6 outlets and 3 USB ports

One AC outlet can be converted to 9 power supplies to power various electronic equipment.

With 6 widely spaced connections and 3 USB charging ports, the USB power supply board can charge and power 9 devices at the same time. Desktop charging station is based on intelligent charging technology that automatically recognizes your device and enables optimal charging of mobile phones, laptops and tablets. Easily connect computers, monitors, and printers.

Over-voltage protection

The toggle switch controls both AC and USB at the same time. If the electrical load exceeds 10A / 1625W (regardless of whether it is connected to a single outlet or a distributor through multiple outlets), the circuit breaker will move.

Security force

Our 7 point security system combines fire resistance, overload protection, temperature control and other functions to protect you and your equipment.

Non-slip rubber feet

The power cord on the strap is flexible enough to attach to your desk, and the four rubber feet on the bottom can keep it from slipping off.

 Easy to install on the wall

Attach the panel to a wall or table with two mounting holes and secure the panel in a stable, accessible position.

Flat thin connector

The flat 45 ° plug can easily be inserted into hard-to-reach places behind the bed or sofa, while other connections remain open. The design of the six AC outlets has also been improved to accommodate the largest possible number of outlets with minimal space.

Long lasting at 5 feet

The extension cord is 5 feet long and suitable for your daily needs. The power cord has no tangle, it is durable, it has higher conductivity, lower heat emission, higher performance, longer working distance and higher level of safety.

Mifaso 6 Outlets 3 USB Charging Ports Power Strip
Mifaso 6 Outlets 3 USB Charging Ports Power Strip

  •  This USB charger with desktop power board and built-in USB smart charging technology automatically detects your device and provides the fastest charging speed up to 2.4A (each connection 5V / max 2.4V) plus 3 USB connections (5V / 3.1) A) / total 15)) Watts can charge almost any USB device (smartphones, tablets, fire sticks, e-readers, blue headphones, portable speakers, etc.).
  • Corner corner plugs and flat wall sockets are compact and easy to install in tight space with two mounting holes and 5 feet wire, which makes the wall power panel tightly fixed in different applications. For example, work desks, wall and floor fixtures, under counters, etc.
  • On / Off Switch - a multi-safety device with built-in whiteboard that protects computers, televisions and all expensive electronic devices from overloads, short circuits and voltage fluctuations. Once the power is off, the reliable circuit breaker shuts off automatically to protect your appliances and your home. A smaller indicator light shows that the device is on without causing too much light in the dark.
  • Updated UL approval. - Extra long resistant strands with FCC and RoHS certification. When using the flame retardant PC case, the flame retardant temperature is 1382, which makes it more durable and safe. Using high-quality copper wire, 100% heat dissipation (separating and connecting more than 10,000 times) can be achieved, and the conductor uses a special phosphorous copper conductor.
  • You can charge all devices via the built-in and stable USB power connection. Rubber sole can sit on a desk or table without slipping. Suitable for office, bedroom, dorm, guest room, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

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