Suraielec 6 Outlet Power Strip with 20 FT Long Cord
Suraielec 6 Outlet Power Strip with 20 FT Long Cord

Suraielec ULPSA20A 6 Outlet Surge Protector with 20 Feet Wire, 15A / 1875W Heavy Duty, 14AWG / 3C, 600J Voltage Protector, 15A Circuit Breaker, Flat Socket, Wall Mount, Black

SJT 14AWG / 3C spec wire and VO quality flame retardant ABS cap

The sleek black power shield can extend the wall socket to 6.

Durable wiring and ABS structure withstand wear and tear, protect the panel from high temperatures and can be used in the most demanding environments, preventing fire or shock.

The 20-foot power cord can be connected to remote outlets and hard-to-reach places.

The 15 amp circuit breaker and safety reset switch have been triggered

A circuit breaker (ON / OFF rotary switch) is integrated for overload protection. Circuit breakers protect devices from short circuits and overloads by automatically turning off the power supply when the total current exceeds 15 amperes. After shutdown, manually press the red circuit breaker reset button to resume use.

600 Joules of surge protection

This long voltage protection board can absorb voltage spikes and provide great protection for computers, cell phones, laptops and other electronic devices against voltage fluctuations, surges and spikes in voltage.

6 horizontal connections

The sleek black power shield can extend the wall socket to 6.

Horizontal connections fit more outlets than vertical connections.

It provides a universal way to accommodate more plugs and adapters, especially flat plugs.

Overcurrent protection with multiple sockets and flat wall socket

A flat head with a smaller right angle can help you avoid bent wires and eliminate the need to arrange furniture in a room based on where the exit is in the room rather than where you actually want to place it.

Wall bracket 15A / 1875W protect computer installation

2 The keyhole is mounted at the back so that the manifold extension can be easily attached to a wall, table, cabinet, or media center.

The surge protector power strip is small enough to be used on a table or desk and is ideal for rooms that require multiple outlets.

Suraielec 6 Outlet Power Strip with 20 FT Long Cord
Suraielec 6 Outlet Power Strip with 20 FT Long Cord

  •  [15 A / 125 V / 1875 W high performance power supply board; 6 AC power outlets 3 holes; Horizontal power distribution suitable for computers, home theaters, office equipment, chargers, game consoles, and other electronic devices
  • [Multiple Safety Protection] 600J surge protection rate; 15A fuse circuit breaker; ON / OFF switch; VO quality flame retardant ABS housing; The durable, compact power supply panel provides excellent over-current prevention and overcharge protection. Protect electronic devices from surges, surges, lightning strikes, outages, bottlenecks and overloads; SGS List
  • [Extra long power cord with a 20ft power cord is long enough to reach the desired position. Wire Gauge SJT 14 AWG / 3C All copper wires are flexible, durable and wear-resistant
  • [The low angle flat socket outlet receptacle receptacle can keep the power cord close to the wall and can be easy to install in narrow spaces and behind furniture such as shelves or sofas. It allows you to push the furniture against the wall
  • [Your / Wall power supply panel is easy to install. There are 2 mounting holes in the back. A slim, thin power panel on the back edge of the desk, hidden under a cabinet, bench or media center; Friendly customer service and a one-year limited warranty

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