Teamgee OFIYAA P2 Portable Monitor for Laptop
Teamgee OFIYAA P2 Portable Monitor for Laptop

Teamgee Portable Laptop Monitor, Dual Display Extend, HDMI / 1080p / 13-17 inch Mac Windows Chrome Portable Workstation Screen (Three Screens)

 Triple laptop screen

Add two screens to your laptop. You can save space and you can increase the angle of the two screens. Because the back extension design is different from the traditional magnet design, it is not easy to fall off and install. If you don't know how to install please let me know. We will then inform you of custom installation and 24-hour service delivery.

HDMI / USB / Type C / Type A / USB port

It is suitable for laptops and type-C cell phones and is easy to connect. You just need to ensure that computers and mobile phones with the above interfaces can select multiple modes.

The maximum angle is 270 degrees

Three laptop screens can be turned 180 degrees at the same time, and the laptop screen can be stretched and extended, and one vertical screen can also be obtained. The data cable length is sufficient to accommodate your varied work habits.

11.6 inch IPS laptop screen

11.6 "HDMI / 1080p Portable Screen is suitable for 13 to 17" laptops in the market. Very convenient to carry, light in weight, suitable for office workers on business trips, coffee shop offices, and group meetings.

Portable and technical

There is no need to purchase additional stands and computer bags. Due to its small size and light weight, you can also put it in a computer bag.

Teamgee OFIYAA P2 Portable Monitor for Laptop
Teamgee OFIYAA P2 Portable Monitor for Laptop

  •  The portable triple laptop screen is highly compatible. 11.6 inch IPS 1080P anti-glare screen with adjustable brightness; Compatible with USB Type-C, Type-A, Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Android and Switch laptops.
  • The Screen Extender offers excellent portability, energy saving, and compact design. 2.97 pounds of light and 1.38 inches of ultra-thin screen; Suitable for airplanes and cafes, convenient storage and easy installation, it can save space and improve work efficiency.
  • 📺 The biggest feature is that it is simple, easy to use, plug and play, we have pictures and text instructions, and it is easy to use. You just need to remove the bracket to secure it. If you are not sure if this laptop screen is suitable for model, size etc. Contact the seller's customer service department from your computer for a more detailed description of the products.
  • The triple laptop screen provides 4 modes of use. 270 degree full rotation and 180 degree viewing modes can share the same laptop screen. Swipe to either side of the laptop screen. Choose landscape or portrait display. In addition, 45-degree triple screen display and vertical screen display can be realized.
  • 📺 High quality stain resistant portable screen in pure black color suitable for office workers, students, and illustrators.

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