VINTAR 6ft Long Extension Power Strip with 12 AC Outlets
VINTAR 6ft Long Extension Power Strip with 12 AC Outlets

VINTAR overvoltage protection (2 x 4800 Joules), with 12 AC sockets, 1875 watts power, flat plug, for 6 feet extension cable, with dual overcurrent protection, suitable for office, home, ETL certified, black

Dual protection 4800 Joules

Equipped with a 4800 J protective cap to ensure the device is protected from low power and high voltage, it has 3 LED indicators (double overvoltage protection 1, inherent protection and double overvoltage protection 2).

If the blue light does not shine, the surge protector has run out and it is time to replace it.

Over-voltage protection

The current VINTAR shield is sufficient to withstand a rated power of 1,874 watts. When the electrical equipment exceeds the production limit, the safety system will automatically detect the danger and cut off the power supply in time, which effectively reduces the economic damage caused by the equipment damage and improves the electrical safety.

Heavy copper wire

This 6-foot extension cord can easily get to hard-to-reach places.

The heavy duty power cord (14AWG) can help protect the power cord itself from damage and ensure the best power flow to your devices.

4. Advanced handle design

Spaced connectors fit well into larger switches and you don't have to worry about sacrificing sockets for larger sockets.

Refractory material

The computer case protects all electrical components and ensures that the surge protector is not easily damaged by external forces. The flame retardant jacket withstands temperatures up to 750 ° C, thus improving safety performance.

Easy to install on the wall

The design has two mounting holes and two holes in the base that allow you to attach the panel to a wall or table to create a stable position to operate all equipment.

VINTAR 6ft Long Extension Power Strip with 12 AC Outlets
VINTAR 6ft Long Extension Power Strip with 12 AC Outlets

  •  [Double Surge Protector] - PowerExtend doesn't come with this surge protector, but it does contain two 4800J lightning protectors to constantly protect televisions, printers, computers and other home and office equipment from power surges, including spikes caused by lightning strikes. Double overvoltage protection indicator shows that your electrical appliances are protected.
  • (8 standard connections + 4 widely spaced connections with 12 AC sockets (max. 1875W) for powering all home appliances. For example, it can charge PC, tablet, mobile phone, NOID, TV, Xbox, etc. At the same time. 4 isolated AC power outlets can accommodate large adapters or chargers without blocking.
  • [Wall power supply panel and flat panel power supply - this mountable power supply panel has two rear mounting holes which can be used for wall mounting, so that you can mount it on the wall or counter. The length and supply of AC power are important for safety reasons. The flat socket has a compact appearance and can be easily installed in tight spaces and behind furniture, saving much space.
  • [FULL PROTECTION] - The flat plug used for VINTAR power supply board is made of high strength fireproof computer case with fire resistance up to 750 ° C. Advanced semiconductor capacitors provide comprehensive protection against short circuit, overheating, overcurrent and overvoltage. Illuminated on / off switch with built-in circuit breaker provides power control and overload protection for all plugs if the lead time exceeds 15 amps.
  • [Safety Guarantee] - ETL certified, safe to use, our friendly and reliable customer service will respond to you within 24 hours. Buy with confidence, 30 days return & 12 months return.

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