WENYIN Power Strip with 12 Outlets and 5 USB Ports
WENYIN Power Strip with 12 Outlets and 5 USB Ports

Overcurrent protection, WENYIN socket bar with 12 connections and 5 USB connectors, 6 ft (1875W / 15A) heavy duty flat extension cable for multiple devices, smartphones and tablets, included in ETL

  •  Surge Protection Power Strip: 12 AC power outlets, 5 USB flash memory ports for power strips, with heavy duty 6ft extension cords and 4000J surge protector.
  • The fast USB connection is based on smart charging technology. This USB charger will automatically detect your device and provide the fastest charging speed. Up to 2.4A (5V / 2.4V max each connection) can be supplied by 5 USB connections (5V / 6.8A / 34W total). Almost all charged USB devices (smartphones, tablets, Amazon Kindle, portable speakers, etc.) can fully charge 4 cell phones simultaneously in 2 hours and 5 cell phones in less than 3 hours.
  • Certification and Safety: The overcurrent circuit breaker limits the operating current of the board to a certain range so that it does not generate heat during use. Fireproof computer case and 1382 flame retardant environmental protection material make it more durable and longer. ETL safety certification as well as UL certification for extension cords and other major components.
  • Reliable overvoltage protection circuit: Wenen's three-phase auxiliary overvoltage protection circuit, consisting of voltage transient delay (TVS), metal oxide capacitor (MOV) and tube discharge (GDT), has an absorption capacity of no less than 1680J. Protect your devices faster and more reliably from high quality MOV surge suppressors from other brands (metal oxide capacitors).
  • Our customer service: ETL certified, friendly and reliable customer service will reply you within 24 hours. Buy with confidence, 30 days of returns and 24 months of exchange options. sign

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