WJCOOLMAN CPU Liquid Cooler with Booster Cooling Pump
WJCOOLMAN CPU Liquid Cooler with Booster Cooling Pump

WJCOOLMAN 240 CPU thermal cooler, CPU cooler with booster pump cooling function, multi-color RGB lighting, for Intel / AMD

Industrial high strength seal

The use of high-strength industrial seals and professional anti-leakage technology allow the water-cooled radiator to have a longer service life.

Water-cooled S chiller design

The design of Wjcoolman S type water chiller effectively enlarges the heat dissipation area and provides better heat dissipation performance. Chiller liquid cooler for professional gamers

  •  120mm PWM RGB Colorful Fans: Two PWN 120mm fans provide steady airflow for excellent CPU cooling performance.
  • RGB dynamic multi-color lighting: fan and cooling pump with lighting effect with mirror image atmosphere ensure that the bright lighting matches your body and airflow from 30 to 75 CFM. Sound level 23.0 dB
  • Supercharged cooling pump: The supercharged cooling pump can improve the efficiency and overall performance of the cooling.
  • New design of water cooling system: the cold pipe adopts the new design of the small E-shaped water circuit, which effectively improves the thermal circulation efficiency and the thermal contact area
  • Industrial-grade high-strength seal: Synthetics provide high-strength seals to extend service life and prevent leakage.

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