Samsung regains the top spot in smartphones from Apple
Samsung regains the top spot in smartphones from Apple

Research firm Canalys said: Samsung won the title of Apple and became the largest smartphone maker in the world, with a fifth of its global sales in the first quarter.

Xiaomi, the Chinese company, achieved the best quarterly performance ever, with an increase of 62% to reach 49 million mobile phones and a market share of 14%, and ranked third after Samsung and Apple.

In total, global sales increased by 27% to 347 million units in the first quarter. The reason is that after the epidemic, China began to open up its economy, and the rapid introduction of vaccines in the United States gave hope for an economic recovery.

Canalys said: South Korea's Samsung Electronics shipped 76.5 million smartphones this quarter, accounting for 22% of the market.

The company announced, today, Thursday, that its quarterly profit from its cellular business is up 66% thanks to strong sales of its flagship Galaxy S21 smartphone series.

Canalis reported that Apple sold 52.4 million iPhones between January and March and that its market share slipped to second place with a 15% market share. Previously, Chinese consumers were equipped with 5G technology in the December quarter. The new iPhone 12 is amazing.

Those switching to the new iPhone keep increasing sales, and total sales in China have nearly doubled, according to Apple.

Last year, people bought phones and devices online because the coronavirus pandemic forced them to stay at home, causing a global shortage of semiconductor chips and attracting attention. Industries, especially cars.

“Charging major components such as chips has become a major concern and will hamper smartphone shipments in the coming quarters,” said Canales.

Apple said the chip shortage could cost $ 4 billion in revenue for the April-June quarter, affecting mainly the iPad and MacBook.

Smartphone shipments from Chinese brands OPPO and Vivo also increased in March, and Huawei, which was once the world's largest smartphone maker, ranked seventh with 18.6 million units after selling its Honer brand last year.

Despite a booming smartphone market and a general decline in sales, Huawei shipments to Chinese retailers and other sellers were halved in the first quarter due to US supply chain sanctions that limited expansion.

At the end of March, the company's cell phone shipments to China totaled 14.9 million units, compared to 30.1 million units in the same period last year.

Its market share increased from 41% a year earlier to 16%, making it the third largest market after the Chinese brands Vivo and Oppo.

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