Acer brings 3D content to laptops
Acer brings 3D content to laptops

Acer hopes to bring stereoscopic 3D content to laptops via SpatialLabs screens.

This new screen should produce graphics directly from your laptop screen without having to wear special glasses to see it.

The system combines a switchable screen and an eye-tracking camera, all equipped with a ConceptD prototype.

Of course, 3D is nothing new and no attempt has been made to make it accessible to graphics professionals in a usable way.

The point, however, is that mediocre quality and optical quality glasses usually undermine this effort.

Acer believes SpatialLabs is different because the display is a super-high-resolution 2D panel with a liquid crystal lens mounted on top of the optical lens.

The screen can be switched between 2D and 3D modes, and the stereoscopic eye-tracking grid camera at the top of the screen can determine how the drawings are divided for each eye.

As a result, visual effects can pop up from the screen surface.

A similar situation has arisen with the Genesis 3D dashboard in automotive applications, which uses the same technology to create a virtual reader that senses depth.

Acer and 3D content:

Acer is promoting SpatialLabs to help designers understand their manual work more intuitively while supporting 3D model rotation, translation and miniaturization.

Acer recommends that the ability to display a 3D work in a 1: 1 ratio can speed up problem detection and ensure that the 3D design is consistent with the original concept design.

For example, product designers can use the SpatialLabs Form Viewer to understand what their products look like before spending time and resources or using them with tools.

Additionally, features like the ability to change the HDRI background allow the model to be viewed in a natural and realistic environment.

By default, ConceptD uses 2D mode for maximum accuracy.

When apps that use SpatialLabs Experience Center are loaded, they automatically switch to 3D mode.

There is a 3D model viewer that supports the main formats that automatically animate the model when the viewer moves its head.

There is also SpatialLabs Go, which can be used to convert full screen content to 3D at a lower cost.

For example, once you create a Blender object, Acer can convert it into a 3D format that the monitor can display.

Macro currently has no plans to sell ConceptD SpatialLabs.

Acer is offering three months of devices to participants in the SpatialLabs Developer Program.

In return, the company hopes to receive feedback on the appearance and performance of its production facilities.

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