Apple Watch can monitor your blood sugar level
Apple Watch can monitor your blood sugar level

A new report from The Telegraph claims that old rumors that Apple Watch can monitor blood sugar have gained credence.

Rockley Photonics recently confirmed in a document filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission that Apple has been its primary customer for two years and that it is working closely with Apple.

The UK healthcare technology company has developed ultra-thin sensors that can read multiple blood signals that can only be detected by using medical devices to send infrared light through the skin from a device to the body on the back of the smartwatch.

Rockley Photonics CEO said he believes the technology will be applied to consumer products in 2022, but has yet to confirm that it will be used in Apple products.

Rockley Photonics' focus has been on sensors that detect blood sugar, stress, and even alcohol levels, indicating that at least one of these features will be used on Apple Watch in the future.

Apple Watch sensors are now smart and can measure your heart rate, for example. However, hypoglycemia has long been a sought-after feature of wearable device manufacturers.

So far, Apple's support for diabetics has been limited to the presence of third-party monitoring apps on its stores.

There is no guarantee that the contract with Rockley Photonics may lead to the shipment of products, but Apple has not hidden the health issues of the Apple Watch.

The development of a portable, needle-free blood glucose sensor has sparked much interest in the industry.

If iPhone manufacturers can incorporate this technology into mainstream products like the Apple Watch, it could benefit anyone tired of finger pricks in controlling diabetes.

The technology from Rockley Photonics, another upcoming UK electronics company, can also help as monitoring blood pressure can alert you to issues like stress.

There are several factors that Apple still needs to consider with the upcoming Apple Watch, such as: battery life and price. While the technology is already ready in other ways, you may have to wait a while for all of these features to become available (assuming this happens). .

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