Opera brings browser games to cell phones
Opera brings browser games to cell phones

Opera introduced a desktop browser to gamers in 2019 to set it apart from Google Chrome. Over the next several months and years, Opera added customization options to Opera GX, including Razer's Chroma lighting effects.

In January this year, the browser maker focused on games with the acquisition of YoYo Games, the British company behind GameMaker Studio 2.

Thanks to services like Microsoft xCloud and Nvidia GeForce Now, online games on iPhone and Android continue to gain momentum, which is why Opera opened the beta version of the browser to gamers.

To grow, Opera is now bringing its gaming browser to mobile phones. The company is testing the Opera GX beta on Android and iOS starting today and plans to launch it in a few weeks.

Opera GX has a dashboard that allows you to set limits on CPU, RAM, and network bandwidth.

Due to its simple design, the browser provided by the smartphone is not necessarily compatible with the preferences and needs of the operator.

Opera GX Mobile solves this problem by offering unique gaming and console-inspired styles and designs.

Mobile device users can also use the standard navigation or quick action buttons to quickly access features such as searching for, opening and closing tabs.

When exporting items from the game world, the button also uses vibration and haptic feedback. You can also sync your phone's browser with the desktop version by scanning the QR code.

This allows you to transfer up to 10MB of files, links, YouTube videos, photos, and personal notes and access them at any time from a mobile phone or connected computer.

Other features include a built-in ad blocker and cookie window blocker, which you can use to remove the annoying cookie window frames and thus affect your browsing experience.

Opera GX users are also protected from attacks by users trying to mine the cryptocurrency with their device.

In March, Opera GX users exceeded 9 million monthly active players on Windows and Mac.

Compared to the previous year, an increase of 190%, the dedicated gaming browser with 285,000 members became the largest tech server on the Discord platform.

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