Apricorn 5TB Aegis Fortress L3- FIPS Portable Drive
Apricorn 5TB Aegis Fortress L3- FIPS Portable Drive

Apricorn 5TB Aegis Fortress L3 FIPS Level 3 Certified (AFL3-5TB) USB 3.0 Hardware Encryption Flash Drive, Black

Designed to fully meet NIST FIPS 140-2 Level 3 requirements. This means that the hard drive, electronic equipment, and external hardware mount (even the housing itself) for the entire device is included in the package. The highest limits of FIPS verification. The chassis is milled from a solid 6061 aircraft-grade alloy block and has a disposable safety stabilizer and membrane keyboard. Internally, all data is instantly encrypted when written to the drive using AES-XTS 256-bit hardware encryption. Even if the hard drive is removed from the memory, your data can still be protected. Aegis Fortress L3 can be used directly without software, drivers, or updates. L3 is fully compatible with different platforms and provides better performance than any system compatible with PC, Mac, Linux or mass storage devices with USB power connection. Like all Apricorn Secure Drives, L3 has a mandatory registry that can be used to fix common public security vulnerabilities in third-party encrypted drives by removing standard pre-set screws. After the mandatory registration, the administrator must create a personal identification code before using the device. All pin entries are implemented on the device keyboard to be compatible with systems that do not have a keyboard and do not share security settings with the host. L3 has two read-only modes: great for accessing drive data within traditional USB antivirus settings, and ideal apps where data needs to be kept in its original state - it cannot be overwritten or modified. Brute-force Defense: After a specified number of consecutive incorrect PIN entries, L3 concludes that brute force has been attacked and removes the password - the encryption key that renders all data on the drive unusable. Configurable: Create a custom configuration file and use Aegis Configurator Apricorn (sold separately) to configure multiple Aegis device family at the same time.

  •  The fastest and most powerful external USB drive with 256-bit AES-XTS encryption
  • Fips 140-2 Level 3 Certification
  • The administrator and user modes are separate
  • Two read-only modes
  • Brute force defense

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