Belkin 6-Outlet Pivot-Plug Surge Protector
Belkin 6-Outlet Pivot-Plug Surge Protector

Belkin 6-port coaxial shield, wall-mounted surge protector (1080J), 12-port surge protector, and 3940J (8 ft) cable

Use a 6-socket surge protector to protect your sensitive electronic equipment from spikes and surges. 1080J Lightning Arrester has six surge protection ports that provide powerful protection for home theater, personal electronics, mobile devices, small home and office equipment, and everyday home electronics. Surge protector: If the surge protector you touch becomes hot, turn off the device immediately. Do not connect the card to the distribution board or other extension cables one by one. Do not expose the panel to a humid environment. Avoid running too many high-power appliances with surge protector at the same time, including high-power electronics / AC devices on windows, radiators, refrigerators, washer / dryers, etc. The socket can only be connected to one keyboard. Do not cover surge protectors with carpets, furniture, or anything that restricts or blocks airflow. Important note: Surge protection components that absorb overvoltage peaks may wear out. Most estimates assume the average life of the lightning arrester to be 3 to 5 years. Keywords (sets of up to 250 characters) USB Power Strip, Surge Protector, Surge Guard, Belkin Surge Protector, Surge Protector, USB Surge Protector, Surge Protector, TV Surge Protector, Ethernet Surge Protector , Trading Board, Three-phase Surge Protection, Rotary Panel Socket, Surge Guard for Flat Socket, Power Strip for Flat Socket, Surge Guard for PC, Surge Guard for Private Home, Surge Guard for Refrigerator, Wall Mounted

  •     Resistive power distribution panel with multiple connections: The built-in surge protection connection provides power to all devices in the office. This reputable power center provides 6 AC outlets with surge protection for charging computer, laptop, phone, printer, etc. One charging station, perfect for stylish workplaces.
  •     Integrated coaxial and space-saving connector: Equipped with a rotatable plug that provides additional space for large power supply blocks and is ideal for connecting straight or corner plugs. You can use the included screws to secure it securely to the wall, or you can remove it to adapt it to a standard electrical outlet. Plug it into an electrical outlet in your home or office.
  •     Trustworthy Products and Services: Don't hesitate to buy them as they are backed by a lifetime warranty and a $ 50,000 connected hardware warranty. View all technical data: Maximum 36,000A, 6 rotating AC sockets and LED status lights. With durable, shock-resistant housing and long service life.
  •     Protect your electrical equipment and appliances: Electrical tape is rated at 1,080 Joules and can provide reliable extension tape to protect printers, office equipment or home theater systems. It can ensure that your electronic devices are protected from overload, short circuit, voltage spikes, lightning strikes or fluctuations.
  •     Portable Travel Charger: The built-in wall-mounted charging station provides additional ports without the need for additional cables. Display smartphones, tablets, etc. In cell phones. The ABS casing protects the circuit from fire, damage and rust.
  •     Safe use: Correct operation is very important. You can find helpful safety information in the "Product Description" section below

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