Bluebird Optics Zonos HD 8x25mm Birding Binoculars
Bluebird Optics Zonos HD 8x25mm Birding Binoculars

Bluebird Optics brings you the Zonos Microscope, which is a compact optical device ideal for frequently-traveled bird watchers. Zonos offers 8x zoom and a 25mm lens powerful enough to extend the range of your feathered friends and small enough to fit in their pockets. At less than a pound, you'll never tire. It is also one of the cheapest binoculars on the market that provides extremely low dispersion (ED) glass and is one of the most important features that binoculars can have and can improve image quality. Once again, it's fully layered which means you can get great photos in all conditions and reduce glare. There is no other compact microscope that can match the optical performance of Zonos in similar products. Bluebird Optics is a subsidiary of Upland Optics. Upland Optics is a Boise, Idaho-based company dedicated to selling high-quality sports optics directly to consumers. Since they are not sold by third parties, the money when purchasing optics goes directly to the glass, not to the middleman. The best thing is that all products come with a lifetime warranty.

  •  ED glass can provide excellent image quality.
  • Multiple fully coated lenses can reduce glare and ensure image is not distorted
  • Compact Design - These binoculars come with a 25mm lens and weigh only 13.6 ounces. They are specially designed for bird watchers who bring their hobbies here.
  • The waterproof and fog-free body is extremely durable and filled with nitrogen to ensure these binoculars can withstand these elements while a very hard object can be injured.
  • It is protected by a lifetime warranty.

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