BRIBEJAT Women Smart Watch Pink
BRIBEJAT Women Smart Watch Pink

Pink BRIBEJAT smart watch with stainless steel bracelet, suitable for female heart rate monitors, sleep monitor, training monitor, training alarm with extra silicone strap, it is compatible with iPhone Android

The watch's water resistance is IP68
You can wear it when washing your hands or walking in the rain, and you can even swim with you instead of taking it off often.

24-hour heart rate monitoring
Automatically monitor your heart rate in real time throughout the day. This can help you better understand your training condition and make appropriate adjustments to maintain an effective workout.

Sleep monitoring and alarm clock

Sleep better and live a better life. This smart watch automatically monitors and analyzes your sleep status and sleep quality. You can check the stages of light and deep sleep on your watch. Set an alarm to vibrate gently to wake you so you don't have to worry about disturbing those around you.

Call / notification message
When your phone is not close at hand, this watch is your perfect companion. You can receive call notifications and read messages and SNS messages directly on the watch. Report important things at the right time. (Note: You cannot answer messages or make calls.)

Stable memory
When you turn on the "sit reminder" and set the time function, this watch will remind you to sit and stand for long periods of time and move around, reducing stress and better focusing on your work or study.

Stopwatch and timer
This watch supports stopwatch and timer functions so you can exercise better.

BRIBEJAT Women Smart Watch Pink
BRIBEJAT Women Smart Watch Pink

  •  The 1.22 ”color touch screen makes it easy to use and display detailed data reports. There are many stylish watch faces to choose from and various styles to suit your different moods. Find more convenient tools like alarm, stopwatch, timer, fixed reminder, adjustable brightness, and phone. This fitness tracker watch is a great gift choice for people looking to lead a more active life
  • This 24/7 heart rate monitor can check your heart rate at any time and better understand heart rate trends. Sleep automatically tracks your sleep patterns to achieve deep sleep and wake, and comprehensively analyzes your sleep quality (deep sleep, light sleep, and awake time) to help you better understand and make decisions about your health. Appropriate adjustments.
  • Support 8 sports such as walking, running, climbing, football, basketball, badminton and tennis. Accurately record all daily activities such as steps, distance, calories burned, kilometers traveled and minutes of activity. Connect GPS to your mobile phone to track all roads, distances and physical conditions during exercise
  • Never miss any calls or messages when you connect your smartwatch to your smartphone. When your phone receives a call, SMS, or SNS notification, it vibrates and sends notifications (Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Linkedin Messenger Ins). You can even hang up calls directly from your wrist
  • IP68 Activity Tracker Smart Watch and Long Battery Life: With IP68 design, you can swim in the pool with it. (Note: Your swimming data cannot be collected.) Large capacity and low power design provide longer life

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