gandley Women Smartwatch for Android Phones and iPhone
gandley Women Smartwatch for Android Phones and iPhone

Gandley SmartWatch Ladies Smart Watch for Android iPhone, Waterproof Smartwatch, Fitness Tracker with Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Sleep Tracker, Round Touch Screen 2021

Multifunctional smart watches for women and men

Gandley R3 series watches are suitable for a wide audience of men, women, boys, girls, children aged 8-12, teens and the elderly.

It combines sports and business style in one. Whether you're young or old, at home or in the office, whether it's running on the road or hiking in the mountains, with us you will always find the right path.

The stainless steel watch head makes the watch more durable and the soft silicone strap makes it more comfortable to wear.

Smart watch with heart rate monitor

As a member of a smartwatch with a heart rate monitor, that smartwatch can detect and record your heart rate throughout the day while generating detailed reports on its supporting mobile application.

Whether you're running a marathon or taking a brisk walk in a park, monitoring your heart rate is important to understanding your overall health.

Smart watch with blood pressure monitor

Measuring blood pressure used to require a visit to the doctor, but today it is as easy as connecting a portable blood pressure monitor to a smart watch. You can measure your blood pressure anytime and anywhere. While this is not a professional device, it is important to be vigilant.

Smart watch with sleep monitoring

We sleep every day, but do you really know the quality of your sleep?

This smart watch with sleep monitoring system can analyze your sleep status easily. Just wear the watch on your wrist while you sleep. For more accurate data, wear the watch all night while you sleep.

Menstrual reminder watch

The menstrual cycle is very important for every woman. Monitoring women's health was developed for women, and it is an important issue for both men and women. This easy to use watch will help you a lot.

physical activity tracker

with GPS connection

Running time, heart rate, distance, pace, calories, steps and pace are displayed on the watch. This sports watch does not have GPS, but it can track your running and race track details through your phone's GPS.

gandley Women Smartwatch for Android Phones and iPhone
gandley Women Smartwatch for Android Phones and iPhone

  •  Classic functions, as a wearable device, this smart watch for women is equipped with comfortable training and fitness functions such as blood pressure, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking system, pedometer, calories, distance tracking and many more training models that can change and live the way.
  • Fitness Tracking This Android smart watch for women is packed with some useful features to keep you healthy, such as blood pressure monitoring, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking system, sedentary reminder, and breathing training. In addition to all these features, smart watches for women. Menstrual reminder, a must have for every woman and girl
  • Not only does this Android and iPhone watch offer a sporty look, a 44mm round dial, 5 interchangeable dials and a 22mm soft silicone strap, it also has up to 11 sport styles for running, brisk walking, cycling, mountaineering, spinning, yoga, swimming, ball Basketball, football and badminton. This smart fitness watch collects calories, distance, steps and other activity data
  • For your daily life, women's smartwatches compatible with Android and iOS use advanced chipsets to provide convenience, text messages, calls, social media notifications, alarms, stopwatches and timers. Music control, camera control and weather forecast.
  • IP68 waterproof and waterproof watch, you can wear it when washing your hands or even exposing your bluetooth watch in the rain. After charging two or three times, the sport smartwatch can work for you up to 10-15 days

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