Memoking T02 Pocket Wireless Portable Thermal Printer
Memoking T02 Pocket Wireless Portable Thermal Printer

Memoking T02 Pocket Thermal Printer - Portable Wireless Bluetooth Portable Printer, Suitable for 50-53mm Kids Black and White Printing, for Find Gifts and Work Notes for Kids, Compatible with iOS and Android, Pink

The printer comes with one roll of white, non-sticky paper.

No ink and no ink: This M02 bluetooth mini photo printer adopts advanced thermal technology, lower cost, more convenient operation and cleaner printing. Say goodbye to boring, expensive ink or toner.

Built-in 1000mAh battery: You don't need to purchase a battery to replace it when the battery is running out. Just charge it with the USB cable in time to get good printing results.

For children

Suitable for children to develop intelligence, encourage creativity and parent-child activities.

For the family

Record every warm moment with your family anytime anywhere.

To his girlfriend

The T02 printer not only looks beautiful but is also very versatile.

For lovers of handicrafts

You'll love the T02's powerful features and ease of use.

Memoking T02 Pocket Wireless Portable Thermal Printer
Memoking T02 Pocket Wireless Portable Thermal Printer

  •  【Instructions for use: printing in black and white only. With the T02 model selected in the upper left corner, click “Offline” in the upper right corner of the APP page and connect the Memoking T02 Rechargeable Pocket Printer in the “Phomemo” app via bluetooth to an iOS or Android device. Function to start the process of wireless printing of black and white photos (You can find our video “User's Guide” on the product page. Or in the application: “Profile” → “Use this tutorial”).
  • [What are the functions available in the application: The "Phomemo" application is always free for users. 9 kinds of powerful functions, it can easily achieve unique customization. Freely combine text, images, tables, emojis and QR codes to create unique sticker images. Hundreds of free templates and graphics are provided in the app. OCR and digitization can translate everyday objects or words into editable digital versions. In addition, the built-in "Phomemo" app can implement lowercase letters, logos and typography.
  • [Uses: Memoking T02 203dpi Mini Printer is suitable for black and white photos, memos and record printing, as well as many APP functions at home, school, and office. A suitable desk for students, children, teachers, homework lessons, work plans, shopping lists, to-do lists, etc.
  • [Supported thermal paper type: Memoking T02 mini pocket printer can be used with self-adhesive and non-stick thermal paper, black print on white / solid paper / black embossed paper, and blue print on special white paper.
  • [Important notes]: ① Please connect to bluetooth using the “Phomemo” app. ② No Paper Alarm: Even if there is paper in the machine, "Out of Paper" will still be displayed. Solution: Remove the paper roll and press and hold the power button for 10 seconds until the green light flashes twice. Then return the paper to the machine to print normally. Without paper support, printed content is easy to transport. ④ If you have any questions, please see the support installation video on the product page.

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