NADAMOO Portable Mini Printer for iPhone Android
NADAMOO Portable Mini Printer for iPhone Android

NADAMOO Mini Portable Pocket Printer for iPhone Android, Bluetooth Mini Thermal Printer, Portable Photo Printer - with 13 Print Paper Roll + 2 Labels - for Magazines, Notes, Gifts

NADAMOO WP9503 is a small pocket printer with thermal printing technology that can print black and white photos and can be used without ink. Connect to mobile phone or tablet via bluetooth, compatible with IOS and Android.

  •  [Small Thermal Printer] Only 3.4 x 3.6 x 1.5 inch can fit easily into pockets and bags. You don't need to use ink. It may take a week for a full charge to take the ink with you.
  • [Bluetooth connection] compatible with IOS and Android, and it can be easily connected to mobile phones or tablets. Simply turn on Bluetooth on your phone, launch the "idoodle" or "eDraw" app, then scan the QR code on the self-verification page to connect to the printer.
  • Multifunctional App] You can not only directly print notes and photos, but you can also save time and energy. You can change the drawing, image, label, menu, and logos apps as needed. The app offers many fonts, templates, and themes to enrich your company.
  • The extensive use of a small pocket printer can be a helpful assistant. In the company, you can easily print business plans, notes, meeting notes, and study notes. At home, you can print spices for newsletters, spice jar shopping lists, photos, posters, or pictures.
  • (With 13 rolls of printing paper + 2 cute stickers) Package includes 2 printing sheets (10 rolls of plain Thremal paper + 3 rolls of poster paper) and two adorable stickers to decorate your printer and make it unique

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