SAMSUNG LF24G35TFWNXZA Odyssey G3 Gaming Monitor
SAMSUNG LF24G35TFWNXZA Odyssey G3 Gaming Monitor

Samsung Odyssey G3 24 Inch Gaming Monitor, 1920 x 1080 FHD, 144Hz, 1ms, AMD FreeSync Premium, Height-adjustable Stand, Swivel / Tilt / Swivel, 3-Sided Infinity Frame (LF24G35TFWNXZA)

Even in high frame rate games, Odyssey G3 has an incredibly fast 144Hz refresh rate to ensure flawless action scenes. The bezel-less screen extends from edge to edge for maximum viewing effect and a smooth multi-screen gaming experience.

144Hz refresh rate

Conquer all enemies, even at high speed. The 144Hz refresh rate eliminates lag and motion blur and ensures ultra-smooth movements and an exciting gaming experience.

1ms response time

Set the response time for each action to 1ms. Immediately jump on the enemy after seeing the enemy and continue to make precise mouse movements. Your performance on the screen is just as fast as your reaction.

AMD FreeSync advanced version

Play the game easily and smoothly. AMD FreeSync Premium has an adaptive sync feature that can help reduce screen tearing, stuttering, and input lags. Low frame rate compensation can ensure that every scene runs smoothly.

Watch the game your way

Reach the pinnacle of victory. Rotate, tilt, and adjust the screen until all enemies are in the correct position. You can move the screen freely until you find the game easily.

Full screen design

There are no limits to your property. The 3-sided borderless design provides more space for bigger, bolder gameplay. In dual screen setup, align the two screens precisely to prevent enemies from penetrating the notch.

New eyes deserve more

Play longer. The eye saver mode can reduce blue light, which is enough to keep your eyes relaxed and relaxed while reading for a long time. Flicker Free technology permanently eliminates annoying and annoying screen flicker, so you can focus for a long time and reduce disturbances or eyestrain.

SAMSUNG LF24G35TFWNXZA Odyssey G3 Gaming Monitor
SAMSUNG LF24G35TFWNXZA Odyssey G3 Gaming Monitor

  •  Smooth transmission and 144Hz refresh rate ensure smooth and error-free operation.
  • An ultra-fast 1ms refresh rate eliminates lag and motion blur
  • Smoother gaming experience Perfect performance for a smooth and tear-free gaming experience.
  • Watch the game your way, as the screen stretches endlessly from edge to edge
  • Samsung's less powerful technology reduces eye pain, prolongs gaming time, and reduces eye strain.

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