UncleHu 20x50 High Power Binoculars for Adults
UncleHu 20x50 High Power Binoculars for Adults

UncleHu 20x50 High Performance Adult Binoculars Compact Waterproof Binoculars With Low-Light Night Vision Used For Bird Watching Hunting Hunting Soccer Games Travel Star Light Carrying Bag And Strap

26mm lens

26mm lens, with 3 lenses. Offer bird watchers and other naturalists a broader, clearer vision. The large lens design is more suitable for American eye structure and provides comfortable viewing experience.

BAK4 sawn thickness of 18.5mm

Our adult binoculars use 18.5mm thick BAK4 prism with high light transmission, which effectively avoids light loss and black borders. Can get a clearer and brighter picture. Other endoscopes that use BK7 prisms have less light transmission, darker side effects, and low beam imaging.

Multilayer aspherical lens

The multi-coated aspherical lens can reflect light, reduce distortion, restore the real world with high precision, provide better contrast and brightness of the image. By observing animals and plants outdoors, he can restore the true structure of all living things. Even in poor lighting conditions.

FMC green film

These high-performance adult binoculars use anti-reflection FMC green film with a light transmission of over 90%. The less light lost, the brighter the field of view and you will not miss any details. All scenes are displayed in bright colors.

Simple focus system

Miracles are often fleeting. With the help of the Easy Focus concept, UncleHu has developed a non-slip focus wheel. When focusing, the internal gear rotates easily and quickly. At the same time, the soft rubber design can effectively prevent the fingers from abrasion during rotation.

Protect the skin from gums

New type environmental protection rubber leather strap, soft hand, non-slip and anti-sweat. In addition to the ergonomic design of the hand, the handle is also very stiff. Whether you're still or moving, you can stay still. Get clearer photos anytime.

Full metal frame

The endoscope is made of an all-metal structure. Compared with other plastic structures, the metal frame is more durable and not easy to break. At the same time, it is not subject to wear or aging. It can effectively ensure that the internal optical components are in the correct position.

Anti-collision bubble column

Binoculars are high-precision instruments. Any collision during transportation could damage the oscilloscope. For this reason, we have developed an anti-collision bubble tower to avoid such problems. Whether you use it yourself or give it to others, it shows its best.

UncleHu 20x50 High Power Binoculars for Adults
UncleHu 20x50 High Power Binoculars for Adults

  •  Powerful microscope - 20x magnification, 50mm objective diameter and 26mm lens diameter, field of view at 1000m, 56m, large field of view, clearer. It is very suitable for adults and children for bird watching, sightseeing, hunting, wildlife watching, camping, hiking, sports and astronomy.
  • Clear Image - The aspherical lens is covered with multiple layers that can reflect light and reduce distortion, as well as improve image contrast and brightness even in low light. The Bak-4 prism has a completely circular exit pupil. You can see clear, clear and clear vision.
  • Smooth and Solid - The rubber surface is impact resistant and has a firm, comfortable and durable grip. Heavy duty and foldable compact type. Waterproof and anti-fog.
  • Easy to use, set the right eyecup and middle dial to focus. It is not easy for anyone. These binoculars can be used with a tripod. Therefore, it is very convenient to watch content for a long time.
  • Compact, lightweight, lightweight and foldable. A carrying case, protective lens cover, lens, cleaning cloth and binocular neck strap are included, which is very comfortable and easy to carry. It is the best gift for both adults and toddlers.

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