VILUX Monocular Telescope High Power 12x42 Monoculars
VILUX Monocular Telescope High Power 12x42 Monoculars

VILUX High Performance Observation Telescope for Adults and Children 12x42 Binoculars, BAK4 Prism FMC HD Observation Telescope with Night Vision function can be used for bird watching, hunting and wildlife attractions

 VILUX - Hold the world in your hands

Equipped with a VILUX mini riflescope with 12x magnification, thanks to the 42mm objective and 20mm lens, you can see things at up to 12x magnification at close range and have a brighter field of view. Ergonomic design, comfortable grip. This spotting range is only half that of binoculars. With just one hand, you can enjoy stunning landscapes quickly and easily

FMC advanced objective lens

A high-resolution multi-layer fmc lens with green film enables high-resolution VILUX monoculars with 99.8% optical transmission, giving you brighter and more realistic images.

42mm large lens

The 42mm large objective lens with higher light transmission provides a brighter and clearer field of view. With the adult binoculars, you can not only see distant objects clearly, but you can also use the spotting binoculars to take high-resolution photos or videos of distant subjects. It's great for outdoor activities like climbing, hiking, and driving. Observe animals and landscapes.

12x High Performance Observation Telescope

The powerful birdwatching binoculars with 12x magnification can get the crisp details needed to observe nature. It is a perfect feature that can magnify reality 12 times, which is enough to see the subject without disturbing the image, while maintaining an adequate field of view.

Rotating eye mask

The adjustable eyecup can be rolled up and down. Please rotate the eyecup when using it to ensure that your eyes are at the perfect distance from the lens. You can look comfortable whether you are wearing glasses or not.

Fast focus with one hand

VILUX Zoom Travel Monocular has an excellent center wheel adjustment function, which can be easily adapted to adults and children. Easy to use, turn the focus knob with one hand for better clarity.

BAK-4 Publication

The BAK-4 prism provides you excellent brightness and clarity, perfectly circular outlet pupil, virtually no edge distortion, crisp and clear images, ensuring the essential items of optical equipment.

Waterproof and anti-fog

This single-lens waterproof telescope has a sealed O-ring and is nitrogen-purged to provide complete waterproof protection and anti-fog performance. Prevent moisture, dust, and dirt from reaching the refloscope. Note: Do not use it in heavy rain or long immersion in water.

VILUX Monocular Telescope High Power 12x42 Monoculars
VILUX Monocular Telescope High Power 12x42 Monoculars

  •  [[The 12X42 VILUX Adult Observation Telescope offers 12x magnification and has a 42mm lens and a wide field of view (1000 meters) so you can get the most out of your outdoor adventure. It should be equipped with adult and children binoculars very suitable for bird watching, hunting, hiking, camping, travel, wildlife, landscape, golf, telescope, observation, concerts, etc.
  • ✅ [High contrast, high resolution image] The latest optical technology, equipped with a BAK-4 prism and fully encapsulated high-resolution multi-lens mono lens, can ensure excellent light transmittance, brightness and light transmittance of up to 99.5%. Our blind mono lenses allow you to see objects in low light (no object can be seen in completely dark environment) and you will have an amazing visual experience. Very suitable for concerts, opera, hunting and astronomy.
  • ✅ 【Waterproof, fog-free, dust- and shock-proof, our adult detection scopes are equipped with anti-fog coating and waterproof circular optics to avoid moisture and dust thus ensuring a clean target at all times. The rubber case is shockproof and has a durable exterior protection that can also be used in harsh weather conditions.
  • Comfortable and Comfortable] With this ergonomic compact monocular, you can quickly and accurately focus on the target with one hand.

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