Samsung begins producing screens for iPhone 13
Samsung begins producing screens for iPhone 13

Samsung and LG have started producing OLED panels for the iPhone 13. Samsung's ProMotion screen refresh rate is said to be 120Hz.

Ahead of the new iPhone launch in the fall, members of Apple's supply chain are working hard to ramp up production to meet anticipated high volume orders in the coming months.

At Apple's request, both companies began production earlier than last year.

Samsung and LG reversed their position as the maker of iPhone 13 screens, and the two companies have already started producing the necessary OLED panels.

This time around a month ahead of Apple's iPhone 12 production schedule, despite the fact that the production schedule was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic at the time.

According to reports, Samsung started manufacturing OLED panels for the iPhone 13 in the middle of this month, and LG will start manufacturing components later this month.

It is believed that Samsung LG has passed about a week in the deposition of organic matter. In terms of completing the device, it appears that Samsung LG is 10 days ahead.

Samsung is said to be the only supplier of LPTO displays to Apple. The LPTO monitor should support the 120Hz refresh rate used on the Pro model and thereby activate the popular ProMotion function.

As with other models, Apple continues to use LG's TFT OLED displays.

Broadcasts on iPhone:

LG manufactures OLED displays for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini. Samsung produces iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max displays.

Samsung plans to ship 120 to 130 million OLED panels to Apple this year. Including iPhone 12 series and other older models.

LG plans to ship 30 million phones for the iPhone 13, for a total of 50 million for this year.

The report released on May 26 shows that TSMC has already started production of the SoC system for the upcoming iPhone A15 series.

Other rumors about the iPhone 13 were slightly thicker than previous models, with slight bumps on the front TrueDepth camera and larger bumps on the rear camera.

By switching to LTPO, the iPhone can provide a 120Hz refresh rate without significantly affecting battery life.

As of 2017, ProMotion is a feature of the iPad Pro series, but the iPhone is not due to OLED technology.

Apple couldn't fully take advantage of the iPhone 12's popularity at first. In addition, it is difficult for me to guarantee that the initial stock will meet a higher than expected demand.

The company is now trying to avoid the same situation with this year's devices by protecting components such as OLED panels earlier.

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