Sony: It's hard to get a PS5 this year
Sony: It's hard to get a PS5 this year

Sony has warned a group of analysts that the PS5 will continue to be in short supply until 2022, indicating that the Japanese company cannot increase its sales targets for the latest gaming platform.

The Japanese company announced that despite announcing its financial results in late April: As of March 31, it has sold 7.8 million platforms and plans to sell at least 14.8 million platforms during the ongoing exercise.

This will keep pace with the PS5 pace in line with the popular PS4 platform, and the company has sold 115.9 million units so far.

After summarizing these results, Sony told analysts that it is difficult to keep up with strong demand.

The PS5 has been difficult to find since its launch in November, partly due to a shortage of components such as semiconductors, and the company has not provided an official estimate of when it can return to normal display.

I don't think demand will match supply this year and demand will not decrease this year. Even if we get more equipment next year and produce a lot more PS5, our stock will not be able to meet the demand. Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Tutuki said at the meeting.

Sony originally expected operating profits to decrease by 4% in the current fiscal year. However, analysts question whether the company can beat conservative expectations given the strong demand for the platform and new games.

Tutoki told analysts that Sony needs to ramp up production as quickly as possible and ensure pallets are in store.

Regardless of the coronavirus situation, demand remains high and the CFO has highlighted concerns about the company's ability to take full advantage of the home entertainment business growth brought on by the shutdown.

He said, "We've sold over 100 million PS4 platforms, and given our market share and our reputation, I can't imagine a drop in demand."

However, the company's latest earnings report showed that the demand for residential real estate is stabilizing.

Sony said: From January to the end of March, the number of monthly active users on the PlayStation Network decreased from 114 million monthly active users in the previous quarter to 109 million, and sales of games decreased from the same period last year. .

Competitor Nintendo warned last week that a lack of components could affect production. The company's official goal is to sell up to 25.5 million oil drilling rigs by the end of March 2022, down slightly from the previous year.

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