Sphero indi ... a robot that children use to learn to code
Sphero indi ... a robot that children use to learn to code

Robot toy maker Sphero has announced a robotic car game designed to teach young children the basics of programming.

It's called Sphero indi, and kids can use simple colored tiles located on the floor to program it or use a mobile app to program it while they develop their coding skills.

Then Sphero indi uses a color sensor at the bottom of the microphone to check which box is moving. The green square indicates that it is accelerating, the pink one indicates that it is turning left, the purple square indicates that it is stopping and celebrating, etc.

To teach children how to create instructions to move the robot from one place to another, the game includes cards with patterns that do not contain squares. So children must know the color blocks that can help the car reach its destination.

The Sphero Indi robot does not require a phone or computer connection to follow the instructions for the image set.

When kids are ready for more control, the Sphero Edu Jr app allows them to use a block-based language to customize vehicle behavior through simple drag-and-drop programming blocks that can be linked with strings to create more complex actions and behaviors.

It also adds challenges for children with difficult problems. As the child gets older, the difficulty in solving problems increases. Begins to master the concepts introduced to software and robotics.

The game helps improve children's problem-solving skills, learn causality models and concepts, and strengthens basic kindergarten curricula such as color.

MIT's Scratch programming language provides students with a playground to learn how to use computer logic, along with a variety of exercises including using code to solve puzzles and mazes.

The robot will only be available in September but can be booked in one of the following groups:

  •     $ 125 Educational Robot Student Kit includes 1 robot, 20 colored silicone blocks, 15 programming challenge cards, and a protective cover.
  •     This $ 1200 educational robotics lesson package is designed for schools and includes eight of everything (160 squares of silicone) and a large bag in which all the robots can be carried together.

It should be noted that educational robotic games are not new because Anki's previously made Cozmo robot uses a children's scratch-based programming language to control this little robot.


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