The review was suspended for a week after restarting Twitter
The review was suspended for a week after restarting Twitter

After being banned for nearly four years, Twitter reinstated the verification process last week so anyone could apply for the blue verification flag.

However, due to the large number of inquiries, the company has temporarily stopped accepting new inquiries until the order book runs out.

"We are in the process of requesting a review," the company said in a tweet. Therefore, we must temporarily suspend acceptance of additional content and at the same time review the submitted content. We will reopen the order as soon as possible.

When the program officially opened for nominations on May 20, the company warned that the nomination period could be extended.

Twitter said on the blog that after submitting the request, you may receive an email response from us within a few days. However, this may take several weeks, depending on the number of unresolved inquiries on our site. Waiting list.

However, the number of requests appears to have increased so much that Twitter suspended the request just eight days after the program reopened.

With the new process, anyone can apply for the required blue badge, so it's not surprising that there are so many requests.

According to the new guidelines, six types of accounts can be verified:

  •     Government.
  •     The company and the brand.
  •     Organizations, news agencies and journalists.
  •     entertainment.
  •     Sports and games.
  •     Activists, organizers, and other influential people.

Twitter put the review on hold in 2017 after an unforgiving white review. The company revised its review policy and introduced a new policy in January.

Since the creation of the Trump administration, Twitter has not allowed users to request the blue confirmation flag until the process is restarted on May 20.

As long as companies, brands, news organizations, activists, and organizers meet certain conditions and can prove their identity, the process will resume later.

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