Twitter is asking users to turn on ad tracking
Twitter is asking users to turn on ad tracking

Twitter added a reminder that users will need to enable tracking on iOS in order to compete with other developers.

As part of iOS 14.5, Apple's App Tracking Transparency feature can force developers to request permission to track iOS users.

After upgrading to version 8.65 (with additional support for spaces), Twitter users saw a popup asking them to keep their ads relevant by adding platform data from other companies (such as apps used and websites visited).

By clicking on the "Continue" button in the popup, users can enter the "Application Tracking Transparency" setting, which may prompt them not to follow the application or allow the application to be tracked.

Since the release of iOS 14.5 on April 26, apps have been required to request user permission for tracking. However, Twitter has not implemented support for this feature yet.

Companies like Twitter and Facebook rely on user tracking to support their profitable and independent promotional activities.

The main reason for using the platform is that enabling the feature allows for better advertising. The platform provides a link to a blog post in Twitter Help explaining why authorization should be requested.

Compared to other apps, the tracking timing on Twitter is somewhat equal, and it differs from Facebook and Instagram, where Facebook is more aggressive in order to convince users.

Facebook and Instagram put together a fear-spreading strategy that suggests ads are keeping social networks free.

In the list of reasons why users should enable tracking, Facebook includes personalized ads and small business support, and it helps keep Facebook free to use.

Analysis shows that 96% of users refuse to track apps, while in the US only 4% of iPhone users actively choose to subscribe to tracking after updating to iOS 14.5.

The company highlighted the potential risks of this role in its most recent income statement. He said: Assuming that the global epidemic continues to improve and we believe that the roll-out of iOS will have a moderate impact, we expect total revenue to continue to grow rapidly in 2021. Due to increased expenses. Related changes 14.5.

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