Twitter makes it possible to access Voice Rooms across the web
Twitter makes it possible to access Voice Rooms across the web

Twitter has taken a new step in social voice by adding voice room access to Spaces Online.

This means you can now access the cabaret-style sound room from your desktop computer.

The company announced that starting Wednesday, you will be able to enter the audio room through a web browser on desktop and mobile devices.

This enables the company's social language spaces in all regions to obtain a wider range of traffic.

Previously, you could only join Spaces via the Twitter app on iOS and Android.

In addition to the early access problem, accessing online storage space is a major advance.

This decision allowed more users to visit the sound room.

In addition, the host and speakers can use the computer's microphone and audio settings, paving the way for a better and more professional streaming space.

When you choose to join Space on your computer, the first thing you'll see is a preview of Space, similar to a mobile device setup that features a series of speeches and selected participants.

If you choose to share, the space bar window on the right side of the Twitter demo screen will shrink so you can continue scrolling the timeline while listening.

When you turn on subtitles, subtitles also appear at the bottom of the Spaces window so you can follow the text you want to use as well. At the bottom of the Home screen is a dashboard highlighting the sound you hear.

Twitter Quiz Club:

This step is to add value to Twitter's voice options that can be improved. This also puts pressure on Clubhouse, which has rolled out Android apps in all regions.

Additionally, Clubhouse still works only on demand for better system load management. And Spaces is now available to anyone with more than 600 subscribers.

Now this kind of extended access has become a huge temptation for anyone to ponder their social and vocal options.

Club clubs still enjoy a certain degree of exclusivity among early users. However, from a competitive perspective, the larger platforms have better chances of winning.

This is not to say that Clubhouse cannot compete with Social Voice and Facebook tools. However, it may be necessary to refocus on specific usage sites to avoid comparison and competition with larger platforms.

Twitter is starting to capitalize on the social voice trend by increasing use of and participation in the platform.

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