Can you decline the Apple iOS 15 update?
Can you decline the Apple iOS 15 update?

It seems that Apple has decided to change its approach to the iOS 15 update and this is the first time that users have opted for it.

Therefore, users can continue to use iOS 14 instead of forcing an upgrade to iOS 15 as in the past.

However, if you choose to continue using iOS 14 instead of migrating to iOS 15, Apple will only send security updates.

It is expected that Apple will continue to use this method in future updates for all devices instead of making the device unable to receive the full update.

A few years ago, Apple started updating older phones with only security updates, so the new system works the same way.

Since the iPhone 6s is no longer receiving the upcoming updates, the company may allow users to continue using iOS 15 for the next year as well.

The company hasn't announced a similar system for Mac or iPad computers because it's hard for them to stay on the old system.

Due to the different components, these devices work in different ways, which makes the company very limited in the field of system updates and improvements.

Some people may prefer to continue using iOS 14 for stability or because it supports jailbreaking.

Jailbreaking allows users to access features that Apple does not support.

But it makes cell phones highly vulnerable to hacking and data theft, which is why Apple has worked so hard to fill in the loopholes.

As long as mobile phones are supported, it is best for all users to move to iOS 15.

This is because the system provides additional security updates along with all the new features that the phone supports.

The performance of the new system will stabilize after a while.

Some features of the new Apple update:

Apple introduced a number of new features in iOS 15 that differ in different aspects of the phone.

One of the major updates from Apple is the availability of the Facetime app on Android phones.

Facetime is Apple's official video calling app that was once only available for iPhone and Apple devices.

Facetime has a high call quality which makes it one of the best video chatting and meeting apps in general.

Apple has also updated the Camera app so you can convert photos to text.

To do this, you need to install a third-party app.

This is in addition to several updates to the Safari card and browser.

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