IKEA launches framed speakers
IKEA launches framed speakers

IKEA and Sonos have officially launched the latest in their Symfonisk range, a $199 picture frame speaker.

The Wireless Picture Frame Wireless Speaker will go on sale July 15th.

Although it's called a photo frame, you can't customize it with your own photos, it's just a work of art.

You can remove the front graphic to reveal the rear speakers and replace them with other colors and designs.

Jennifer Idrizi offers a variety of styles. But the choice will vary from market to market. A month later, two more art paintings appeared for $20 each.

Depending on the location of the nearest electrical outlet, the power cord can be routed in multiple directions, and IKEA provides a cable management area in the back of the frame.

You can also place the speaker on the floor with the feet attached. There is also a place to hide your feet when not in use. These legs are designed to provide stability and reduce vibrations.

IKEA speakers:

According to Sonos, the challenge in developing this latest collaboration is to create room-filling sounds in products different from many traditional speakers, but the depth of the frame helps. The company also built a waveguide to direct sound into the room.

Two speakers can be paired for stereo sound. The controls are on the back of the left side of the frame, and IKEA and Sonos icons are used to visually indicate where you're feeling.

You can control the device using the Sonos app like any other device in the company's multi-room audio system, and it supports AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect.

The two companies just announced one new product from Symfonisk. But the redesigned lamp-shaped amplifier is also on the roadmap.

An IKEA spokeswoman confirmed that the new table lamp was part of her plan and that she would be sharing more with everyone at this point. All these joint efforts should naturally fit into the decoration of the house.

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