LG has stopped producing smartphones
LG has stopped producing smartphones

LG has taken an important step in shutting down its cellular business. The last mobile phone has been discontinued and the company will stop producing these phones after one day.

The South Korean company announced earlier this year that it was leaving the wireless industry entirely.

The announcement reduced the range of major devices in the Android market and increased the number of cheaper devices.

According to reports, the company has completed production of Android smartphones so far.

According to the Asian Economics website, LG has completed production of its latest smartphone before pulling out of the market entirely this summer.

Almost two months after LG announced its intentions. The company produced cell phones for several months to fulfill the contract with the carrier.

The end of production of LG smartphones is not surprising. The company had announced earlier that it would complete its recent contracts with telecommunications companies and other companies, and with production nearing completion, it has now clearly completed this work.

The question remains what is the next step for LG's assembly lines and facilities to manufacture smartphones.

The factory in Vietnam was once the backbone of smartphones and is now a home appliance product line.

Previously, the company decided to expand the home appliance production line at the plant of Vietnam's largest smartphone manufacturing facility, and to ensure that employees at the local smartphone factory would continue to work.

Terminate LG:

Although LG has promised to provide Android updates for its smartphones that have been released for three years, LG will continue to pull out of the smartphone market entirely on July 31, according to its previous schedule.

The company has extended the OS upgrade support period to 3 years for major models and the OS upgrade support period to 2 years for some low-cost models.

It does this by adding a year to each existing flagship model and some low-cost models.

It also supports customer service for 4 years from the date of manufacture. Consumers who use LG mobile phones can use the service center in the same way.

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