McLaren joins Extreme E
McLaren joins Extreme E

Extreme E is adding another great racing team to its off-road league. McLaren has announced that it will participate in the second season of Extreme E in 2022.

Extreme E is the FIA ​​approved international cross country racing series. Electric SUVs are used for racing in remote parts of the world such as the Amazon rainforest or the Arctic.

With Extreme E, Team McLaren will open a new chapter in motorsport in 2022.

The team's participation in five world championships has helped accelerate the team's sustainability and diversification program, reaching new fans and partners, and growing the McLaren brand and franchise.

Extreme E focuses on the effects of climate change on some of the world's most remote environments and encourages the adoption of electric vehicles to pave the way for a low-carbon future.

Although McLaren hasn't picked a driver yet, it said it did include people who weren't part of their Formula 1 plan.

In any case, the regulations specify a small team of two pilots, an engineer, and four mechanics. By participating, McLaren aims to promote a broader sustainability agenda, not to mention equality (for every team man and driver).

McLaren joins Extreme E:

In its unusual form, McLaren sees Extreme E Racing as an opportunity to attract new fans.

The super sports car manufacturer backed electric formula racing early on, including the drivetrain in the past two seasons, which is no stranger to electric racing.

At the same time, it's a great feature for Extreme E. While there are many major teams in the series, including Lewis Hamilton's, few of the major automakers fully support the league.

Joining McLaren won't necessarily produce a great car brand, but it does add extra credibility to Extreme E at a defining moment.

Extreme E's mission is to create awareness through sport and accelerate innovation in clean technologies that benefit the wireless industry.

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