Norton 360 allows you to mine Ethereum cryptocurrency
Norton 360 allows you to mine Ethereum cryptocurrency

NortonLifelock adds the ability to mine Ethereum cryptocurrency directly from Norton 360 Antivirus to protect users from malware mining.

This new mining feature is known as Norton Crypto and is rolling out today to Norton 360 users who have signed up for Norton Early Adopter.

The company hopes to roll out this feature to everyone in the coming weeks. And consider letting people mine other reputable cryptocurrencies in the future.

According to the company, people who want to mine cryptocurrency do not have to search for the dark and scary parts of the internet.

After activating Norton Crypto, the software uses the device's graphics card to mine Ethereum. Then move it to Norton Wallet hosted in the cloud. There is a button that users can use to withdraw funds to Coinbase.

It is not clear whether each device running Norton Crypto will work independently or as part of a user group. This should have a higher chance of receiving rewards from Ethereum.

Cryptocurrency mining:

However, it is very difficult to mine Ethereum on your own. Norton users are likely to gather for greater opportunities to mine blocks.

When Norton bundles this new feature, you can get a small fee for all coins drawn. Like pool operators, this novelty is a source of income for the company.

Since antivirus software usually tags crypto miners and related software, Norton said this feature allows users to mine Ethereum without compromising security.

NortonLifeLock CEO said: “As the cryptocurrency economy continues to be an important part of our customers' lives, we hope that they will be able to mine cryptocurrency through Norton, the brand they trust.

He added, “Norton Crypto is another example of how our network security system is extending to protect the changing digital lives of our customers.”

However, Norton 360 users who enable this feature for Ethereum mining may encounter issues during tax season.

In the US, mining cryptocurrency is a taxable event by the IRS and must be reported as income on tax returns.

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