AIX7 Portable Handheld Printer Labeler
AIX7 Portable Handheld Printer Labeler

AIX7 Portable Label Printer, Smart Coding Machine, Use for Label, Trademark, Logos, Graphics, Date Programmer, Marks, QR Code Printing, 4.3 Inch Touch Screen (Support 20 Languages)

  •     ? Portable inkjet printer, suitable for all surfaces, the portable inkjet printer can print on a variety of materials such as paperboard, stone, wood, tubes, metal, glass, plastic, MDF, etc. When printing on a curved surface, the use of utility blade stroke can achieve better printing performance. You can edit or delete printed content directly or use a USB stick to import and print (csv, .txt) and images (bmp).
  •     SP 360° Encoder and Custom Content - The portable inkjet encoder can print a variety of 360° content including text, numbers, symbols, 2D codes, barcodes, images, etc. Time, date and counters. A portable rack-mounted inkjet printer can be installed to cooperate with the printing production line to realize automated production. Very suitable for production, retail, warehouse, logistics, convenient warehousing, etc.
  •     Portable intelligence: the portable inkjet printer can work continuously for 10 hours; The battery can be disconnected, charged or replaced, equipped with an octa-core processor, touch-sensitive, easier to use, greatly improves the performance and operation of the motherboard, especially suitable for artificial intelligence.
  •     ? Quick-drying ink cartridges and a sensitive touch screen The portable printer is equipped with real high-resolution, quick-drying (black) ink cartridges and the ink does not block the ink port. The print is clear and the adhesion is strong. 45ml real quick drying ink. The mobile printer uses a 4.3-inch high-sensitivity color touch screen, and the display of images is clear.
  •     Variable data and content printing specifications Portable inkjet printer height: 0.08 to 1.27 inch. Supports from 1 to 8 fonts (adjustable), and 20 languages ​​(Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, French, etc.). The portable printer function has three adjustable print resolutions - SD 300DPI, GD 400DPI and HD 600DPI The printers feature a variable data printing function that makes your work more convenient.

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