Brady BMP21-LAB Handheld Label Printer
Brady BMP21-LAB Handheld Label Printer

If you can print clear, reliable labels with the BMP21-LAB label printer, why do labels fade or fade with pens? Label trays, test tubes, bottles, cups, bottles, etc. in a few seconds. These tasks continue. Tested to withstand some of the toughest laboratory environments. pressure furnace? liquid nitrogen? the freezer? hot shower? You know these stickers can be made. So stop wrapping labels two or even three times to keep track. Buy the BMP21-LAB Lab Label Printer now to ensure fast and accurate labeling. The BMP21-LAB label printer is a brand of Brady Worldwide. Built-in sorting and barcodes feature more ABC keyboard, graphics library, label customization buttons, menu functionality for fast label creation, and automatic smart cell labeling technology that takes up less space. This multifunctional information personalization accessory automatically coordinates with magnets, flashlights, and retractable printer stands for ease of use.

  •  Includes BMP21 LAB Portable Label Printer, M2150 7425 Label Box, and Quick Start Guide
  • The portable labeler can create multi-line labels to uniquely identify laboratory equipment such as microscope slides, test tubes, flasks, beakers, bottles, etc.
  • The built-in math notation tag template makes tagging easy and efficient
  • Label keyboard contains letters A to Z and numbers 0-9, with on-screen LCD text display for easier and more efficient labeling
  • The text is printed in one color and in 6 different text sizes ranging from 6 to 40 points

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