Brother P-touch PTH500LI PC-Connectable Label Maker
Brother P-touch PTH500LI PC-Connectable Label Maker

Brother P-touch PTH500LI Refillable Computer Label Printer Portable Refillable One Touch Label Brother Vivid Bright Display

Rechargeable Cabin Marking Tool with PC Connector

The Brother P-touch PT-H500LI combines the functions of a desk-top labeling tool in a carry-on bag and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Posters that help increase productivity and organization are best practices that apply to a variety of workplaces, not just traditional offices. That's why Brother developed the P-touch PT-H500LI. It has the powerful functions of an add-on desktop naming software and is easy to use and portable. Powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery (included) or six (1) AA batteries so you can take it with you. Unlike other label printers, the PT-H500LI charging cable is also a power adapter, so you can use the device to charge the battery when it's plugged in. Its portability and Windows/Mac compatibility make it ideal for shop owners, warehouse managers, contractors and other professionals who need to stay out of the office most or all day.

The Brother Vivid Bright screen lets you preview your work in almost any light.

Preview the labels on the big Brother Vivid Bright screen to take the guesswork out and make sure you're happy with the printed labels. The screen is bright enough that you can see your work clearly even in low light. Thanks to the large QWERTY keyboard, you can enter stickers easily. One-click label formatting buttons and fast print speeds can help you quickly complete labeling jobs and move on to the next important job.

P-touch Editor poster design software for Windows and Mac computers

P-touch Editor is available for PC and Mac (2) and connects to your PC using the included USB cable to create an amazing series of professional-quality labels. Choose from 25 pre-installed sticker designs or create your own using 14 fonts, over 600 icons and 99 frames. The program also allows you to print nine different types of barcodes.

Suitable for all types of Brother P-touch TZe laminated and durable adhesive tapes.

The PT-H500LI uses the bestselling TZe Armed Tape series tape. Text and images printed on TZe tape are protected by a transparent film that is waterproof, resistant to oil, light, abrasion, heat, cold and harsh conditions in indoor and outdoor environments. Choose from a variety of TZe tapes to suit your application, use standard laminated tapes for general workplace marking applications, use one of our specialized tapes to identify wires and cables, or increase your impenetrable security. There is also a non-ferrous fabric tape that can be used for uniforms, bedding, etc. The PT-H500LI comes with 0.94" (24mm) laminated tape that you can use to start labeling almost immediately.

Use the fonts, symbols, frames, and barcode libraries of the PT-H500LI to create the labels you need.

There are virtually no restrictions on the labels you can create and print with the PT-H500LI. With TZe tape that is 24 mm (approximately 94 inches) wide, you can create labels containing up to 7 lines of text and graphics. Print up to 48 points of text for maximum readability. Comes with a library of pre-made stickers. In addition, you can store up to 50 of your most used stickers in the device's internal memory for quick and easy handling of frequent printing.

Brother P-touch PTH500LI PC-Connectable Label Maker
Brother P-touch PTH500LI PC-Connectable Label Maker

  •  Power supply via lithium-ion battery: Brother P-touch PT-H500LI is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, with which it can quickly print labels anytime and anywhere.
  • PC Connection: Use the included USB cable to easily connect to your Mac or PC to print and design labels with P-touch Editor.
  • Illuminated display: The PTH500LI allows users to view the layout, design and contents of the label before printing.
  • AUTO CUT & SUPER FAST PRINTING: This portable rechargeable label printer features an automatic cutting function to save you time.
  • Use with Brother Original Tape: Use original Brother P-touch TZe tape up to length

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