Brother PT- P910BT P-Touch Cube XP Label Maker
Brother PT- P910BT P-Touch Cube XP Label Maker

Brother P-Touch Cube XP PT-P910BT Wireless Bluetooth Label Printer

The Brother P-touch CUBE XP label printer PT-P910BT delivers great performance and can deliver high-resolution, high-quality labels for harsh working environments. P-touch CUBE XP is the ideal choice for warehouse, commercial, office or commercial labels, including asset tracking, commercial applications, signage, barcodes, product displays, prices, expiration date labels, etc. With the P-touch CUBE XP, you can create a durable design and print laminated labels up to approximately 1-1/2 inch (36 mm) from your mobile phone or desktop device. The Brother P-touch CUBE XP with Bluetooth (R) Wireless Technology is compatible with three free software applications that provide innovative pre-designed templates with different fonts, frames and icons. Choose from the free Brother iPrint & Label app (1), the P-touch Design & Print2 app (1), or the P-touch Editor software to create your desired label. The P-touch CUBE XP is the ideal choice for printing unique labels. Due to its high print speed, good print repeatability and automatic or full cutting, it can handle multiple label creation. Black printing on white laminated splash tape (1.4" (36mm) wide x 13.1ft (4m) wide) allows label printing almost instantly. The P-touch CUBE XP Brother P-touch TZe uses durable laminated label tape up to 36mm wide Choose high quality matte label tape that is great for reading barcodes and superior label tape to meet your labeling needs, patterns, colors and other sticking options 12 2020 Brother International Corporation system integrators and developers can use Brother software to develop additional label printing kits ( SDKs) into their software and applications.The Software Development Kit (SDK) can be easily integrated into P-touchCUBE XP.Available for Windows, iOS, and Android(TM).

Create high-quality labels up to ~1½' (36mm) wide

Provides high-resolution printing of clear, legible labels at up to 360dpi, ideal for asset management, office applications, UPC codes, retail barcodes, department labels and expiration date labels.

Connect, design and print widescreen posters

Use the free Brother iPrint & Label app (1) P-touch Design & Print2 (1) or P-touch Editor software to create perfect labels from your mobile device using Bluetooth wireless technology.

Easily manage multiple label creation tasks

The Ptouch CUBE XP label sticker machine features a fast printing speed, repeat printing function and a fully automatic semi-automatic tape cutter that provides sharp and precise edges for all your labels.

Easily integrate label printing into your application

System integrators and software developers can use the Brother Software Development Kit to integrate label printing with the Ptouch CUBE XP Label Maker applications and software.

Brother PT- P910BT P-Touch Cube XP Label Maker
Brother PT- P910BT P-Touch Cube XP Label Maker

  •  Get permanently customized labels, create and print them. P-touch CUBE XP is a multifunctional label printer that uses Bluetooth (R) wireless technology that allows you to design and print up to approximately 36 mm (1-1/2 inch) from your mobile device.
  • Use free software and apps to create custom stickers. The free BrotheriPrint & Label app (1), the P-touch Design & Print2 app (1) or the P-touch Editor software can only create labels. You can create custom QR codes with our shared label templates.
  • Print plain text, barcodes and graphics. The P-touch CUBE XP offers great performance and label design capabilities, including high-resolution 360dpi printing, half and full-cut knives, and up to approximately 100-second printing. 1-1/2 inches (36 mm) wide.
  • Use BROTHER P-TOUCH TZE Tape. The P-touch CUBE XP is for use with the Brother P-touch TZ Laminate Tape. 1-1/2" (36mm) width, including Premium Mat, is ideal for barcode scanning and provides extra strength to meet tough label needs.
  • Easily integrate label printing applications.

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