Buoth Language Translator Device Supports Offline Translation
Buoth Language Translator Device Supports Offline Translation

Booth Language Translator supports high-definition offline translation support for online translation and camera voice memo, 106 two-way translation languages, suitable for learning while traveling

  •   Ultra-accurate online translation: The new translation engine supports 106 languages ​​including local languages, two-way translation, 99% translation accuracy, and 0.1 seconds translation response speed.
  • Offline translation help: Offline translation in 8 languages ​​supports stateless network. When users can't access the internet, they can use 8 languages ​​offline for emergency rescue. Please note that users need to download the language first.
  • Voice memo function: Users can record interviews, meetings and important conversations. Dual microphone noise reduction, 2-meter audio recording, 98% accuracy, and user text recording in various scenarios are handy. English recordings can be translated into other languages ​​selected by the user
  • 45 Camera translation languages: Camera input can be used to translate words or sentences. The camera supports 5 million pixels, and the OCR (character recognition) of T11 translator supports 45 languages ​​for image translation. You can translate foreign words or phrases without further input.

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