DoDoDuck 1 Plus Language Translator Device
DoDoDuck 1 Plus Language Translator Device

2021 | DoDoDuck 1 Plus Voice Translator | Best Offline Bi-Directional Translation in 12 Languages ​​109 | No WiFi required | Bluetooth | Integrated AI assistant

  •  🇺🇸 SUPPORTING LOCAL US COMPANIES We are a small startup company based in South Dakota. We offer local support in English and pride ourselves on contributing to the local Amazon seller community. Please click the "Sold by" button under "Add to Cart" to view seller information.
  • High-speed simultaneous translation - less than 0.5 seconds online and offline, online translation 109 languages ​​/ dialects, 12 languages ​​/ dialects offline. If there is no connection, the offline mode will be activated automatically. Do not consider other translators the same as yours, buy the original Dododuck 1 translator.
  • Translate HD photos - 43 languages ​​Translate HD videos into 43 languages. Just point your camera at any text and Dododuck 1 will translate it automatically.
  • 1500mAh large capacity battery. Standby for 168 hours, continuous playback for 8 hours.
  • Artificial intelligence assistants such as Google Home. Ask Dododuck 1 Plus for weather, traffic, breaking news and recipes, and the device will answer in your preferred language. Powerful speakers and noise canceling microphones. The 30BOX 2.5W powerful speaker has a noise canceling microphone that allows you to hear and record clear sound in a noisy environment.

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