Logitech K380 + M355 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo
Logitech K380 + M355 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Logitech K380 + M355 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Lightweight and portable design Quiet click Long battery life Bluetooth connectivity Multiple devices can easily switch between Mac, Chrome OS and Windows Graphite G.

Use an advanced mouse and keyboard designed to fit your coordinated lifestyle to make any room simple and modern. The compact multi-device K380 delivers a comfortable and quiet typing experience, while the Logitech Pebble M355 delivers quiet click, scrolling and an organic, clear shape that fits in your pocket. Equipped with Bluetooth technology, it is a multi-tasking duo that can work anytime and anywhere.

Simply change the device

With Easy-Switch technology, you can pair the keyboard with up to three devices at the same time - switch between them with just one touch. Hence, you can start typing on your computer, switch, and keep typing on your smartphone to respond to the latest text messages.

Compatibility with multiple operating systems

Multiple devices K380 automatically assigns buttons, remembers shortcuts, and presents familiar Windows, macOS, iOS, Chrome OS, Android and even Apple TV layouts.

Simple, modern and mobile

The K380 and M355 Pebble's slim and light multi-device keyboard is easy to transport, so you can multitask at home, on the go, or at your favorite coffee shop. You can even follow your mouse over the leaves. Click and tap on your laptop or tablet and get your own space anytime, anywhere.

Work anywhere in life

The Logitech M355 Pebble is small enough to fit in your pocket or pocket. It can quickly and accurately track whether you are using it at the table in your favorite coffee shop or directly on the bedspread.

Long battery life

Enjoy months of use. When the mouse is not used to save power, the power saving mode is automatically activated.

work quietly

The keyboard and mouse are designed to be quiet. Thanks to Silent Logitech Pebble technology, you can enjoy the same clicking experience with 90% noise reduction*. Even the large rubber rollers slid softly.

Logitech K380 + M355 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo
Logitech K380 + M355 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

  •     Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard: A universal keyboard that can type on all your computers: Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Android, iPad, iPhone, 2nd or 3rd generation Apple TV (any Bluetooth-enabled computer or mobile devices with external devices are supported (keyboard) HID profile. Contact the device manufacturer for details. )
  •     Easy switching: You can connect up to 3 devices at the same time and switch between them with the push of a button. 10m radio range
  •     Logitech Streaming PC Input: Use as a regular keyboard or in combination with a Logitech Flow Mouse (sold separately) to record, copy, paste and transfer files seamlessly between computers
  •     Portable Compact Keyboard: Easy to take home and do familiar typing in any room. Logitech Options for Windows (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or higher), Logitech Options for Mac (OS X 10.8 or higher)
  •     Adaptive OS: Automatically identify every device and card key and get a familiar overview, including shortcuts. Battery life (not rechargeable) -24 months. Connection type: Bluetooth Classic (3.0)
  •     2-Year Battery Life: Virtually no need to replace the battery (Calculations for keyboard battery life are based on approximately 2 million keystrokes per year in an office environment. User experience may vary.)
  •     One-year limited hardware warranty

  •     Modern, slim and beautiful pebble shape. The Logitech M355 Wireless Mouse features exquisite simplicity and a portable design that fits comfortably in the hand and is easy to carry.
  •     Quiet clicks and very quiet squeaks. Enjoy the same feeling of pressure and the clicking noise will be reduced by more than 90%.
  •     double connection. Connect as you like using Bluetooth wireless technology or the included micro USB receiver.
  •     Long battery life. The M355 wireless mouse uses one * AA battery for up to 18 months. *Battery life may vary based on user and computer conditions.
  •     High precision optical tracking. This portable mouse can quickly and accurately track where you want to use it.

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