Manic HS- 420 RGB Wired Gaming Headset
Manic HS- 420 RGB Wired Gaming Headset

Manic Computer Gaming Headset HS-420 RGB Wired Gaming Headset with Mic - 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound and Noise Reduction Mic, USB Connection, Suitable for Windows 7/9/10 Laptops and PCs

  •  DESIGNED FOR GAMING - Use high quality comfortable ear cushion materials and great headband design for better gaming experience while playing for hours. Use RGB lighting effects and wired USB connection to better experience and benefit from the game, suitable for Windows PC or portable game player. Plug and play the gaming headset
  • High-quality stereo with 7.1 virtual sound that gives gamers great clarity and audio experience. Use the Manic HS-420 50mm headphones to feel every game you play and deliver a better and more accurate audio experience in every game you play.
  • Noise-cancelling microphone -Manic HS-420 allows players to clearly communicate with players and win every game with high-quality noise-canceling and delicate microphone effects.
  • EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE - Made from advanced materials, the Manic HS-420 is a durable headphone that can withstand hours of gaming while delivering endless high-quality performance.
  • The best gaming headset for PC-Manic HS-420 gives you gaming options that allow you to maintain a high level in the game and win in different situations, headphones with USB plugs, compatible with computers and laptops

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