Mingxuanbh Portable WiFi Smart Voice Translator
Mingxuanbh Portable WiFi Smart Voice Translator

Mingxuanbh Portable Wifi Intelligent Voice Translator Luminous Time Translator Travel Work Artificial Intelligence Translator 27 Languages

Speech recognition technology - to make multilingual communication more convenient.
Support 45 kinds of voice, 27 kinds of language translation, languages ​​are further improved. The translator can translate your speech into foreign language text with a high level of intelligence and translation speed. Make multilingual communication easy and efficient.
Supports Android 7.0 system version.
High-quality battery with long service life, ultra-low power consumption, durability and long service life.
Offline translation: The Chinese-English translation function can be implemented without a network and will be expanded to offline languages ​​in 4 countries in the future.

  •   Portable WIFI Smart Business Travel IA Translator Big Era 27 Voice Translator (Black)
  • Network: Wi-Fi
  • Speech recognition: Microsoft SR
  • Translate images with the image translation function.
  • Recording function: The product can perform recording function and translate recording function when connected to WiFi.

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