NETVUE 2K 3MP Indoor Camera with 360° 8X PTZ
NETVUE 2K 3MP Indoor Camera with 360° 8X PTZ

NETVUE 2K 3MP Indoor Camera, Dog Camera with 360° 8X PTZ, Indoor WiFi Camera with H.265 Encoder, Two-Way Audio, AI Person Detection, Enhanced Invisible Night Vision, Alexa Compatible

View and record details from all angles

The dog monitor camera with app has a unique rotatable lens that can see an incredible wide angle. It can be rotated 360 degrees horizontally and 120 degrees vertically, providing complete protection and no dead ends. Details are still visible after zooming in.

In addition, the lens can be hidden in the cave of your camera. Financial confidentiality has been greatly improved.

3MP Ultra HD restores true colors

In the case of surveillance cameras, the video resolution must first be taken into account. Unlike the more popular 1080p resolution, the new Netvue Pet Monitor takes camera clarity to a new level by arriving at a 3MP resolution.

Plus, thanks to Smart HDR and ISP 2.0, our camera can highlight highlights and shadows to deliver distortion-free video.

Longer recording time and smoother playback

HEVC, also known as H.265, stands for High Efficiency Video Coding. With advanced video compression efficiency, H.265 can reduce file size, reduce bandwidth, and reduce disk space consumption.

Therefore, the advanced H.265 WiFi IP Camera reduces the required memory consumption by about 50% and achieves a longer recording time. You can now start recording again for more than 20 days!

NETVUE 2K 3MP Indoor Camera with 360° 8X PTZ
NETVUE 2K 3MP Indoor Camera with 360° 8X PTZ

  •  2K 3MP Ultra HD live video, 8x digital zoom; 3 MP high resolution, 1080p clearest, 120° vertical angle, 360° horizontal angle lens, 8x digital pan and tilt to help you understand what your pup is doing right now; With this app, you can control this pet monitor camera remotely through the mobile app. Also, this indoor pet camera equipped with 940nm infrared light does not produce any visible light at night, so your pet can sleep better.
  • H.265, HDR and ISP video compression technology updated; This indoor wireless camera uses high-efficiency H.265 video coding technology, which greatly improves video quality. It can also reduce memory usage and bandwidth, making your video smoother and recording time longer; In addition, this indoor wireless security camera uses the latest HDR and ISP technology to improve light balance and color rendering without distortion, giving you a vivid face-to-face image.
  • Intelligent detection of human movements through artificial intelligence; Today, Netvue brings enhanced AI technology to this home security camera that effectively prevents "false alarms" from rain, wind or foliage; If this mode is activated and the security camera detects a human body, the recording will start immediately and the Netvue app will send you a real-time notification; You can freely decide to customize the time and exercise area according to your needs; This home camera intelligently protects your children and pets every day
  • Two-way audio and two-way functions with Alexa; This pet camera has a two-way audio playback function that allows you to chat with your family or pets in real time like face to face. Additionally, the animal monitor can be used in addition to an Echo device and as a Fire TV device with Alexa; And the use of noise reduction technology to effectively remove unwanted noise; To provide you with easier and clearer hands-free communication in real time; All recordings can be shared with loved ones
  • compatibility and high confidentiality; This indoor security camera has two-way storage function; You can use the AWS Cloud to provide up to 14 days of cloud storage or storage on an SD card (not included) up to 128GB; Both can be restarted for 20 days or more; The dog monitor also protects your valuable storage with bank-quality AES 256-bit encryption and TLS protocol; But once you finish recording, standby mode rotates the lens

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