ROCCAT KONE Pro Lightweight Ergonomic Optical Mouse
ROCCAT KONE Pro Lightweight Ergonomic Optical Mouse

Rockat Con Pro Lightweight Ergonomic Gaming Mouse with RGB Lighting, White (ROC-11-405-01)

Meet ROCCAT Kone Pro, a lightweight gaming mouse with ergonomic optical performance and RGB lighting. After 14 years of dedicated craftsmanship, the Kone Pro weighs just 66 grams, which is lightweight and advanced without sacrificing the sheer comfort of the iconic Kone shape. The crisp, dull design of ROCCAT's electronic shell keeps dust and dirt out and still delivers vivid AIMO RGB lighting with 16.8 million colors. The Kone Pro uses a Titan Tactile Optical Switch and is equipped with a 19K DPI Owl-Eye sensor, PhantomFlex cable, and an optimally heat-treated pure PTFE chip.

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Gamers around the world have long loved the ergonomic shape of the KONE, and KONE Pro has refined it to perfection. Careful anthropometric studies have revealed many subtle changes that make the Kone Pro comfortable and enjoyable to use with nearly any size and grip style.

Optical titanium key

It offers tactile clicks and an ultra-fast operation that delivers unprecedented speed and accuracy. It's faster than any mechanical switch and doubles the durability, so you can gain a competitive advantage from game to game.

Titan Well Pro

The Titan Wheel Pro is made of solid aluminum, which is another miracle of ROCCAT precision technology. Titan Wheel Pro is light and powerful, with satisfying scrolling and tactile clicks. The alloy quickly adapts to the temperature of your fingers, making it extremely comfortable and immersive.

ROCCAT KONE Pro Lightweight Ergonomic Optical Mouse
ROCCAT KONE Pro Lightweight Ergonomic Optical Mouse

  •  The perfect ergonomic shape of Icon-KONE is loved by gamers all over the world; With KONE Pro, it has been optimized to perfection after careful research
  • ROCCAT Bionic Shell-KONE Pro has a solid honeycomb shell and weighs only 66 grams; Clear fade in and out ensures perfect AIMO RGB lighting with 16.8 million colors
  • The Titan Wheel Pro-Titan Wheel Pro is made of solid aluminum and is a miracle of ROCCAT precision technology; Light and powerful, it has satisfying touch clicks and swipes
  • Titan Switch Optical - Delivers responsive touch clicks, operates at lightning speed, and achieves unprecedented speed and accuracy
  • PhantomFlex Cable - Use a PhantomFlex cable for a near-wireless experience; Flexible and light, it almost disappears with use so you don't know it's there

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