S SUNLUXY Mini Indoor Camera with Backup Battery
S SUNLUXY Mini Indoor Camera with Backup Battery

S SUNLUXY LIC-TE04 Mini Indoor Camera - Indoor Security Camera with Battery Backup, WiFi 1080P FHD Smart Security Camera with Motion Detection Function, Dual Channel Audio, Night Vision Device with Dog, Cat and Pets Camera Function

The S SUNLUXY Smart Security Camera always protects you and your family in a smart and portable way. The smart home security camera is small, light, easy to use and can be taken with you at any time. Security cameras can be used in many occasions, and night vision cameras can take high-quality pictures. The smart surveillance camera has a dual-mode power function, providing you with emergency recording in the event of a power outage.

  •  [Two Power Supply Modes] After connecting the charging cable, the smart surveillance camera can be used continuously. The surveillance camera has a built-in lithium battery that can provide 1-2 hours of emergency video in the event of a power outage. The red light always lights up when charging and the red light goes off when fully charged.
  • [HD Night and Day Vision] With 1080P HD video, the indoor cameras can capture details of the camera's 120° HD resolution. With simple in-app operations, you can take photos remotely. WiFi security camera can detect day and night. In addition, the night vision mode is automatically activated at night.
  • [Motion detection and two-way audio] When the indoor wireless security camera detects movement, it will automatically record a 30-second video and upload it to the APP to prompt. The live broadcast allows you to watch it in real time inside and outside your home. With the pet camera, you can see the people and animals in your home and talk to them on your phone.
  • [Light and Compact] The indoor WiFi camera is small and light, only 2.4 * 2.4 * 0.8 inch. The package contains a clear, reusable adhesive that can be applied to the back of the camera and the back of the camera to ensure safety when such items are attached. You can place the wireless security camera anywhere you want. Due to the elegant appearance, the camera fits perfectly with your lifestyle.
  • [Cloud Storage and Data Protection] This home security camera supports cloud storage. With plugins, you can watch videos and stream videos anytime and anywhere. The family surveillance camera can completely protect your privacy and security. (5G WIFI is not supported.)

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