Shimshon Portable Two-Way Voice Language Translator Device
Shimshon Portable Two-Way Voice Language Translator Device

Shimchun Voice Translator Offline Bluetooth Translator Portable Two Way Voice Translator 109 Languages ​​0.5 Seconds Smart Translation | Photo translation | Wi-Fi

  •  ▶ [Online Translation Accuracy Rate 99% for 109 Languages] With Simson Language Translator with a translation accuracy rate of 99%, it can translate up to 109 languages ​​and dialects accurately. You can easily communicate with people who speak another language. The 1.89 * 4.73 * 0.40 inch size makes the Samson Translator an ideal companion for your travel gadget, and it can be carried comfortably in the palm of your hand.
  • ▶ [Bidirectional Interpretation | Incredible Speed ​​<0.5 Seconds - Shimshon language translator accesses the translation engine as you speak and instantly breaks the language barrier with a response speed of less than 0.5 seconds. Thanks to the two-way simultaneous translation, you can easily conduct conversations in different languages. To unlock, press and hold the key during a call. When done, release the button and Shimshon Device Translator will provide voice and text translation on the 3.0" touchscreen.
  • ▶ [Offline translation | WiFi connection] The voice translator uses WiFi or an access point for real-time translation. When there is no wireless network, Shimshon Translator supports offline translation in 12 major languages: English, Russian, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch. Note: Make sure to download the offline package in the offline package manager module.
  • ▶ [Photo translation | [Bluetooth Translator] Shimshon 5 Million Pixel Offline Camera supports online photo translation in 45 languages. Auto focus and flashlight help to take clearer photos. No more confusing labels, menus and product labels, you can become a proper native speaker. Equipped with Bluetooth compatibility and two noise-cancelling microphones, Shimshon Translator can receive every word you speak, even in a noisy environment.
  • ▶ [Large battery capacity | Continuous Update] Shimchun Portable Voice Translator is equipped with 1500mAh lithium battery, which is enough for 8 hours of continuous translation and standby mode for up to 7 days. It has a long and reliable autonomy. Thanks to regular software updates, you always have the latest, complete translation at hand.

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