Langogo Summit Instant Two-Way Language Translator Device
Langogo Summit Instant Two-Way Language Translator Device

Langogo Summit Two-Way Instant Voice Translator Real Time Pocket Translator with Bluetooth Voice Translator for 104 Languages ​​Built-in 4.0 Inch Data Screen with Image Translation

  •  ⚡ [One-click translation] 104 languages ​​one-click translation, two ways of instant translation. Easy one-touch translation process by selecting language. Fluent communication with foreign partners.
  • ⚡ [Translate Images into 46 Languages] Summit is equipped with an 8MP camera and OCR technology to translate menus, product manuals and other written content. If you want to listen to the translation, it can also be read for you.
  • ⚡ [Instant Interpretation] Fits all TWS earplugs. Simultaneous interpretation with headphones, with a slight delay in interviews and business contacts. It communicates with the simultaneous translation displayed on the device.
  • ⚡ [Cloud storage] Voice and text can be quickly synced from the device to the cloud. 500 hours of massive cloud storage to create a custom business database. Listen to audio from the cloud, mark text for educational purposes, quickly find and edit it. Post quickly after editing.
  • ⚡ [Conference selection] Language translation mode for lectures, conferences, speeches, and foreign language courses. Instant transcription and translation of speeches. Easy-to-understand medicine in international conferences and speeches

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