Surfit Langogo Genesis Portable Language Translator Device
Surfit Langogo Genesis Portable Language Translator Device

Surfit Langogo Genesis Portable Voice Translator Pocket Translator for 100+ Languages ​​Real Time Voice Translator with Offline Translation Function Integrated Data 3.1 Inch Mesh Screen Translator

 Langogo Genesis AI Translator with WiFi Hotspot

Langogo Genesis is specifically designed to help you enhance your travel experience. Combine 24 translation engines and one-click translation design to improve language translation accuracy and relevance. In addition, Langogo Genesis can also be used as a portable WiFi hotspot that allows you to connect to the Internet when traveling abroad and saves your phone's battery life. Then you can focus on sharing unforgettable moments on the go with all your loved ones.

One-click translation

Langogo offers one-way and two-way translation. It can automatically detect the language of any translation, which means Langogo will automatically translate your words into another when you speak a language. There are no A/B buttons and no additional apps.

The translation process relies on 24 integrated translation engines and self-learning algorithms, so that Langogo translates with the highest accuracy and efficiency.

 Interpreter Mode

In this mode, Langogo translates your speech into text with or without audio and displays it on the screen as soon as you start speaking. You can change the meaning of the translated text and show the screen to others to communicate faster.

 Dictation machine with instant transcription function

Thanks to its simple and effective recording function, Langogo Genesis can record up to 16 hours of audio. With the instant transcription feature, it can automatically convert the recorded speech into text for later use. No more boring notes or hand jotting, so you can focus during a conversation or conference.

Surfit Langogo Genesis Portable Language Translator Device
Surfit Langogo Genesis Portable Language Translator Device

  •  ⚡ [Trusted Travel Friend] Langogo improves your travel experience, helps you overcome language barriers, stay connected to mobile hotspots and receive local information such as hotels, attractions and weather forecasts. Travelling abroad.
  • ⚡ ACCURATE ONE TOUCH TRANSLATION Langogo offers two-way online translation in one click. Supported by 24 leading translation engines, it can ensure the most accurate translation into 104 languages, even for different dialects.
  • ⚡ [Recording & Transcription] Genesis can record a single speech for up to 4 hours and display the text instantly on screen so you can focus on meetings and interviews. Enjoy free English texts before 2021 and others can try it for a month.
  • ⚡ [Genesis Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot is also a portable hotspot device. With the built-in eSIM, it supports the purchase of an on-device hotspot data plan and provides Wi-Fi connections for up to 5 mobile devices without an additional SIM card.
  • ⚡ [Continuous Update] Self-learning and continuous update algorithm to improve performance. The more you use it, the more precise it becomes as you add more modern features and vocabulary.

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